March 14th: J-List Superpost feat. Kit Kats, Chocolate Burgers and Tiramisu Chocolates

After we got such great feedback on our J-List post last week (did you see the CHOCOLATE SQUID!??) we thought we would show you some of the other treats and goodies we recently got sent across from our pals in Japan.

Kit Kat Nestle Tokyo Limited Kit Kat Rum & Raisin

So much for this being a Limited Edition? This was a flavour we reviewed last year - See HERE. As much as we might complain we totally bought into the Limited Edition thing we can't argue that it isn't one of the nicer white chocolate Kit Kats you can buy. We gave it a hefty 8.5 out of 10 rating last year, saying that it 'delivered a pleasant rum and raisin experience that subtly enhanced the white chocolate and wafer elements'. It's still worth a look at if you missed out on it last year!

Bourbon Every Burger

Chocolate squid one week then chocolate burgers the next!?? What is going on @ChocMission? :-) These Bourbon Every Burger aren't quite as bonkers as the name would lead you to believe. They are actually small sandwich cookies with chocolate 'meat patties' placed inside them. You do get the rather unique effect of the real sesame seeds placed on top of the burgers that give it a bread bun like flavour twist in the after taste. That small eccentricity aside these are really just average quality mini chocolate cookies which are very randomly disguised as cute mini burgers. These are a 100% total novelty but they are quite fun and totally typical of your average Japanese snack food. At only $3.00 a pack they are hardly going to be break your bank either :-) Worthy of adding to a J-List order if only for the laughs.

6.8 out of 10

Decorer Premium Tiramisu Chocolate

We have featured a fair few novelty chocolate products from J-List over the last few posts so it's only fair we show you an option they have in their range that is more worth writing about for it's chocolate prestige. Fitting the bill here entirely are these Decorer Premium Tiramisu Chocolates, these certainly took the team by surprise! These individually wrapped treats combine almonds surrounded by a creamy chocolate cheese cream and finished with a layer of powdered cocoa. Given we didn't think all that much of the packaging and presentation (we thought they looked rather cheap and tacky to be honest!) we were absolutely delighted with them when it came to the taste test. The almonds were crunchy and buttery fresh, whilst the surrounding cream cheese creme more than adequately created the desired Tiramisu effect when combined with the cocoa powder dusting. These tasted wonderful and the team made their way through the bag in a matter of minutes! These are definitely a snack we are going to be asking J-List to send us again.

7.7 out of 10

Have you been trying any Japanese snacks and goodies recently? Let us know @ChocMission