March 17th: Hotel Chocolat The Sleekster For My Mum Selection

Did you know that it's Mother's Day on the 30th March!? Why of course you did - no one could forget about dear old Mum :-)

Here @ChocMission it's impossible for us to forget about any holiday or celebratory day in the calendar as we get sent chocolate samples for each occasion. Luckily that's good news for you guys to as it means we can filter the rubbish and give you a heads up on all the good stuff and we are going to start off by telling you about this rather good Hotel Chocolat The Sleekster For My Mum Selection box.

This box is described by Hotel Chocolat as an 'uplifting Mother's Day chocolates selection designed to make Mum happy!'. The box incoporates a very artsy, modern looking yellow design and includes 28 wonderful looking chocolates; offering 12 different varieties that our masterful photography *ahem* shows you below. Let us take you through them - I think you will find a lot of them look very familiar to the chocolates in the latest Hotel Chocolat Valentines Selection - See HERE.

Above you see the Passion Fruit Truffle, Strawberry & Rose Ingot, Triple Layer Praline and Salted Caramel Cheesecake pieces. The two fruit pieces offered contrasting tastes with the passion fruit a tarter more sour option compared to the sweeter strawberry and rose piece. We probably needn't tell you just how accomplished both the praline and caramel cheesecake pieces were. The wooden nutty praline truffle expertly blends both almond and hazelnut nuts whilst the salt lick in the buttery caramel sent the likes of Jim to chocolate truffle heaven.

The pieces up next were the Balsamic Caramel, Pink Champagne Truffle, Lemon Berry Tart and Caramel Praline heart shapes. The girls in the team immediatedly made moves for the pink champagne and weren't to be disappointed - booze, chocolate and strawberry all in one chocolate - verdict superb! Similar thumbs up were given to both the Lemon Berry Tart and Caramel Praline with both being highly complimented for their thicker outer chocolates and smooth flavoured centres. The Balsamic Caramel!? Probably the only chocolate in the selection that split opinion with both praise and indifference expressed about it's unique soft caramel interpretation.

The final four you see here were all pieces from last months Valentines Selection - See HERE. As you will see in that review the return of the Soft Caramel, Champagne Bellini, Chilli Ginger Almond Praline and Creamy Raspberry Truffle was very much a welcome thing. Each offered very accomplished truffle experiences - it's funny how the Soft Caramels always seem to disappear in Jim's direction whenever we encounter them :-)

Overall it will come as little surprise to anyone that we give this Hotel Chocolat The Sleekster For My Mum Selection the @ChocMission stamp of approval. If your Mum is a fan of fruit flavoured chocolates then you needn't look in any direction as this collection contains some of the most accomplished fruit flavoured truffles you could ever wish to find. Although some of the team did remark they wanted a few more pralines you can see the direction they were going in focusing on offering a variety of fruits and caramel options. Yet another Hotel Chocolat recommendation from us guys - now there is something you thought you would never see :-)

8.4 out of 10