March 19th: Hotel Chocolat Verandah Biscuits

Whether you are simply just a chocolate biscuit lover or someone looking for an alternative Mother's Day gift you need to sit up and pay attention to the review today folks! The ChocolateMission team has officially found what they think is the ultimate chocolate biscuit - Hotel Chocolat's Verandah Biscuits. These special biscuits came as part of our Mother's Day sampling package, they weren't a product we had requested but boy are we glad that Hotel Chocolat obliged us with a few packs.

The biscuits come in packs of 225.0g and come described as 'Artisnal shortbread enrobed in 50% milk chocolate. Handmade in small batches.' The presentation style of the packaging could be described as sleek and reserved. The plain black box is decorated with fancy looking golden labelling whilst the biscuits inside are about the size of two stacked Hobnob biscuits.

That Ladies and Gentlemen will be the last mention we make of mediocre biscuits like the Hobnob (only joking we love them!!!). These Verandah Biscuits were simply delicious with every lucky @ChocMission team member who managed to lay claim to one giving them nothing but praise! So what made them so well received!? The ridiculously thicker outer chocolate was a good start! The outer milk chocolate coating was crisp to the bite, melted like an absolute dream providing a stunning creamy cocoa taste from the first bite. Hidden below this thickset chocolate a gorgeously buttery, sugar laden, salt licked biscuit was left to be enjoyed - it's butter like melt was the only thing that surpassed the mouth feel of the initial chocolate exterior.

Overall our opening gambit said it all - these Hotel Chocolat Verandah Biscuits are the real deal when it comes to chocolate biscuits. Even Jim, who likes to claim he isn't the biggest chocolate biscuit fan, couldn't get enough of these and helped himself to more than just the token one that most of the rest of the team managed nab. Reflecting on the brand who produced these we probably shouldn't have been so surprised these were as good as they were. Chocolate biscuits aren't the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Hotel Chocolat but these Verandah Biscuits need to seriously been considered next time you make a purchase from there. Let us know if you think they are the real deal @ChocMission.

8.8 out of 10