March 21st: Beech's Fine Chocolates New Bars Range 2014

After reviewing some of Beech's more classical offerings this year already, it was with great delight that we received the opportunity to try out some of their latest NEW product developments.

Out of seemingly nowhere our contact at Beech's Jason sent us these 6 all new Bars Range created especially for 2014. The six new bars all come in a 60.0g tablets - about the perfect for two decent chocolate servings. Beech's will no doubt want us to point out the fact that these bars are made from 100% natural ingredients - the dark chocolates you see today are even Vegan friendly!

The packaging and presentation of the range as whole is pretty decent. The outer cardboard packages look very smart and do a good job of looking both modern and contemporary despite the brand being more renowned for it's classical designs. Out the packets the team had mixed feelings about the bars themselves. All six chocolates looked highly fresh and on the whole appetising, however there was some feedback given to the fact that the dark chocolate bars couldn't be told apart with the blocks totally identical to each other aesthetically.

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The team thought it only right that we sample both the plain Milk Chocolate and the Anglesey Sea Salt Milk Chocolate bars first as these were really the bread and butter of the new lineup. Made with 30% cocoa solids they were both noticeably richer than your average mass produced milk chocolate and got praise for the depth of cream flavours exhibited early on in their smooth melt development. The team again had mixed views on the additional salt lick evident in the aftertaste of the Anglesey chocolate - some found it a little odd but the vast majority of us thought it highlighted the subtle caramel tones to better effect.

The White Chocolate offering in the range was immediately set upon by the female members of the taste test team and it didn't take them long to give the verification it that it was a high quality chocolate. The flavour development was described as 'highly progressive' with the initial raft of fresh milk and cream compounded by a longing after note of vanilla. Out of the six reviewed today it was no doubt the sweetest - one for the sweeter toothed chocolate consumer but not to be dismissed by anyone if you are after a better quality white chocolate.

So on to the three dark chocolate bars! We all new that Beech's were highly accomplished in the dark chocolate field so we were deeply anticipating what they could do with these. The three flavours are Dark Chocolate, Natural Ginger and Lime & Chilli - you guessed it, the latter split opinion :-) The Dark Chocolate solus wasn't subject to any criticism and was given the thumbs up for it's unsweetened, rich but welcoming cocoa laden taste. The Natural Ginger drew plaudits for it's added spicy warmth to it's mouth feel, though some of the team did remark the profile of the ginger could have come through stronger. There were however no complaints about the volume of flavours offered by the Lime & Chilli with the contrasting citrus and spice tones welcomed by some but not so much by others. One thing that that was agreed upon by one and all with that bar though was the glorious tingly mouth feel created by the chilli element - it made for a clear USP.

Overall despite some of the mixed feedback with some of the more adventurous flavours the team unanimously agreed that this new Beech's Fine Chocolates New Bars Range 2014 deserves a thumbs up. You will see we have rated the collection below as a whole as they frankly all had their fans amongst the team and are at least all worthy of the rating of 8.3 out of 10. The launch of this range is an exciting thing to see from Beech's who we would have beforehand just associated with their more classical chocolates. We would love to hear what you all make of the these bars yourselves - why not get a bar of each and have yourself a hardcore taste test session like we did! What could be more fun!?

8.3 out of 10