March 24th: Hotel Chocolat Egg on my Face Slab / Bow Tie Easter Bunnies

Before we launch full on in to our review today let us nudge you in the direction of our EXCLUSIVE @ChocMission discount code for 10% off at Hotel Chocolat - See HERE.


We know this time of year can be a little expensive buying chocolates for friends and family so we hope this saves you a few pennies off any order you make there! It's valid for the whole of Spring so it will have you covered for Mother's Day and Easter.

Of course discount codes are no use if you don't know what you should be spending your monies on! Luckily we've been trying out many of the new products introduced to the Hotel Chocolat Easter range this year and over the next few weeks we will be pointing you in the direction of what we think is best - here are two picks for those with plainer chocolate tastes.

Hotel Chocolat Egg on my Face Slab
Kcal Fat Fat(sats) Carbs

Easter wouldn't be Easter without Hotel Chocolat giving us some sort of new slab. This format of chocolate is their signature and once again they given us a right treat with this hilarious looking Egg on my Face Slab. Indeed it's endearing look is only surpassed by the chocolate on offer which is a base of milk chocolate that is decorated with assorted pieces of coloured white chocolate. The combination of the two provides a chocolate experience that is packed to the brim full of cocoa and cream flavours - delicious, totally delicious. Fun looking and tastes great!? What more could you want!?

8.5 out of 10 

Hotel Chocolat Bow Tie Easter Bunnies
Kcal Fat Fat(sats) Carbs

Ladies and gentlemen if you are looking to buy one thing from Hotel Chocolat this Easter on a smaller budget these Hotel Chocolat Bow Tie Easter Bunnies have to be your choice of purchase! That's the advice Jim has told me to pass on anyway folks :-) These Hotel Chocolat Bow Tie Easter Bunnies are a collection of milk and white chocolate coated bunnie shapes filled with both caramel and praline. We've tried many a similar Hotel Chocolat combination of these two before, but the combination of the presentation and textural interplay of the smooth liquid caramel and praline made these a real standout to the taste panel. The bunnies are very detailed and cute looking - you almost feel guilty causing their demise with your greedy consumption. All guilt however soon dies away! The amazing plethora of sweet caramel, creamy cocoa and woody hazelnut flavours makes these a taste experience that isn't often surpassed. These are highly recommended!

9.0 out of 10 

More Hotel Chocolat reviews coming soon folks ....