March 28th: Peanut Hottie

Kcal 83 Fat 1.4g Fat(sats) 1.2g Carbs 16.9g (per 20.0g serving)

After we received some great feedback on our recent review of Cadbury's new Wispa Gold Hot Chocolate (See HERE) we thought you all might appreciate a review of another new hot drink product we've been testing out these last few weeks. The @ChocMission team was recently contacted by a company we'd previously never heard from before - Bravura Foods Ltd. These guys offered us the chance of trying their newest creation - the very cool sounding Peanut Hottie.

Peanut Hottie comes described as 'an amazingly delicious and moreish peanut butter flavour instant hot beverage' as is currently available in quite a limited capacity in limited amounts of Sainsbury's and Waitrose stores (check HERE for stockists). Those lucky enough to be able to find Peanut Hottie will be able to buy it in 225.0g jars - Sainsbury's are currently showing an RRP of £2.99 and a cheeky offer price of £2.50.

Needing no further encouragement to get a taste test underway the team immediately cracked open the sample jars and set aside the usual teas and coffees. Due to a lack of milk in the office we first tried Peanut Hottie in it's prescribed fashion - four generous spoonfuls of powder mixed with boiling water. Even when consumed in this basic guise the team instantly fell in love with the stuff. The peanut butter scents were highly indicative of the gorgeous nutty, caramel infused sweet liquid on offer. It was highly drinkable in large quantities and provided a peanut butter experience like we hadn't experienced before. It was both satisfying as a sweet treat and it complimented foodstuffs like cake and chocolate perfectly. On what was admittedly a rather cold morning commute one of the team described their mug of Peanut Hottie and their Snickers Duo as better than sex :-) haha!! Perhaps a little over the top - you know who you are ;-) 

Overall this was a very easy review to write as the whole @ChocMission team unanimously loved Peanut Hottie. From our perspective it did the most imoprtant thing and delivered the authentic and indulgent peanut butter drink experience it promised. The basic method of mixing with boiling water was more than adequete but those wanting to take Peanut Hottie to the next level will want to add the powder to warm milk for added creamyness. It goes without saying that further experimentation has commenced with certain hot chocolates mixtures - a half Hotel Chocolat salted caramel, half Peanut Hottie hybrid is currently the drink of choice throughout the team. If you love peanut butter we have absolutely no doubt whatsoever this will be a big time hit with you. Try it and tell us what you think of it @ChocMission.

9.0 out of 10