March 3rd: Cadbury Eclairs Velvets

Kcal 30 Fat 1.4g Fat(sats) 1.0g Carbs 4.5g (per sweet) 

These days it doesn't seem like a month goes by without their being a new product from Cadbury here in the UK. Two of the new product developments we got last year were the hazelnut and orange Cadbury Eclairs. Both of those seem to have done reasonably well as to date (March-2014) they are both still widely available and have avoided the fate of some of the other Cadbury products last year which got nixed quicker than they were released. Well joining those two flavour varieties we now have these Cadbury Eclairs Velvets - 'soft caramel with liquid chocolate flavoured centres covered in milk chocolate'. 

These Cadbury Eclairs Velvets should be in store right now with a 151.0g bag setting you back £1.99 (RRP). Ever since we heard that these were being launched the @ChocMission team were very excited about trying them so there was no shortage of willing taste testers when they finally arrived. The look and feel of the bag was familiar with the purple matted foil material nicely decorated with the Cadbury branding and alluring visuals of soft, flowing golden caramel. The chocolates inside were held within nice looking wrappers and released the usual Cadbury chocolate scents when untwisted. 

Expectations were at this point tempered when the photography from the review commenced. Cutting through one of the sweets for the cross-section photo you see above it fast became apparent that the promised 'soft caramel' wasn't really all that soft. From the descriptor and product visuals we were expecting a soft, free flowing caramel; the reality was the caramel was hardly any different from the standard Cadbury Eclairs. The team's reaction to this could be summed up with a disappointing 'oh'. The usual delight of the buttery toffee and Cadbury chocolate flavour goodness was still ever present, however this was all shrouded by feelings of being short changed and dissatisfaction. 

Overall our experience with these Cadbury Eclairs Velvets was like someone offering us £20 and giving us £10; essentially we expected something new and awesome and got something that was good but something we had before. Fundamentally these are reshaped original Cadbury Eclairs - the blurb and marketing may lead you to think something differently as it did us, but hopefully we have tempered expectations to avoid you being as disappointed as we were. We don't want to say you shouldn't go out and buy these, but if you do we wouldn't want you to think you are getting anything new or special. Cadbury got us hook, line and sinker believing we had something potentially special here; unfortunately it just wasn't the case. 

6.0 out of 10