March 7th: Chocolate Squid, Meiji & Pocky (J-List March 2014)

Chocolate what!????? Squid!?????

No we haven't gone mad - perhaps the Japenese have though!? Today marks many a ChocolateMission first ...

... It's the first lot of goodies we have recieved from J-List this year .... woohooo!
... It's the first ever chocolate and fish combination reviewed on ChocolateMission ... err ok!?
... It's the first ever time we have awarded a product a rating as low as 1.0 out of 10!!

Unsurprisingly the last two are related :-)

Sakiika Chocolate
In our sampling package this month we were 'treated' to this pack of Sakiika Chocolate - aka Chocolate Covered Squid. The J-List website insists that this chocolate covered squid jerky is actually tasty but I'm afraid we have to disagree there guys. It smelt fishy, looked unappetising and frankly tasted like salty fish with a weird initial chocolate hinted sweetness. To get the rest of the team to try it I (Jim) didn't dare tell them what they were trying before they tasted it. Half the team spat it out whilst the other half pulled faces like I had made them eat a pair of old smelly socks. Japanese snacks can be bizarre at the best of times but this Chocolate Covered Squid really took things to new levels. Novelty factor 10 out of 10, but if I had to sum up the taste in a word it would be 'disgusting' - 0 out of 10 for that! Currently the third best selling product on J-List ... crazyness!

1.0 out of 10

Meiji Rich Banana Chocolate
Kcal 230 Fat 14.6g Carbs 23.0g (per 40.0g bar)

Luckily for us our pal Peter also included some of favourites in our latest lot of goodies. Palettes were cleansed by the outstanding Meiji Rich Banana Chocolate. A few more members of the ChocolateMission team got to try it this time around and all of them insisted it's rating get increased since when we last reviewed it - See HERE. This sweet white chocolate bar is fused with banana flavouring consisting of (70% real banana!!). The taste is reminiscent of our UK bar Caramac, just with a lovely fruity banana twist. It's small portioning size (40.0g) lends itself well to sweetness and is just about the right amount to enjoy before the sugaryness gets too much. Well worthy of a bump up in rating!

8.2 out of 10

Glico Pocky Midi Strawberry
Kcal 112.0g Fat 6.6g Carbs 12.1g (per 20.2g pack)

It wouldn't be a J-List review without the latest Pocky flavour being involved! The newest line of Pocky to be released by Glico is the new 'Midi' line. According to J-List these 'Midi Pocky are short and stout, with more crunch and a thicker layer of chocolate. They get their name as an abbreviation of the English word "Medium", pronounced in Japanese as Mi-di-a-mu'. Whenever the new Pocky flavours get sent to us there is never a lack of volunteers to review them and it was no different today. The pack contained 3 individual 20.2g servings of 4 sticks that as promised were smaller, stubbier version of the original Pocky range. The strawberry smells on offer were very fake smelling, though the actual strawberry flavours were anything but! In the thick white chocolate coating the buttery tasting sticks, small specs of dried strawberry disrupted the smooth melt and supplied a real tasting strawberry flavour kick. As Pocky goes they were as moreish as ever, though on reflection the stubbier format made a 20.2g packet a slightly more satisfying experience than the usual slimline original alternatives. Pocky fans take note! If you like strawberry flavoured chocolate these are well worthy trying out.

8.0 out of 10