April 12th: Guest Post - "Make Your Own Chocolate Eggs" kit ...

Last week we were offered a free 'Make Your Own Chocolate Eggs' kit by www.stayindevon.co.uk who have partnered themselves with Choconchoc. Being a family website we thought this would be a cool weekend activity for one of the team to undertake with their kiddies - making his @ChocMission debut ChocolateMission taste tester Pete wrote us the following write up of his experience with the kit ... he even documented the process with some photos!

“Make Your Own Chocolate Eggs”

This is a fantastic product which is a fun task for the family – assuming you can resist eating the rich molten chocolate as the layers set! The chocolate is high quality with a rich and creamy taste.

Once melted, the chocolate is a thick, appealing consistency and applies well to the provided moulds. The chocolate layers set relatively quickly (a few minutes) before the next layer can be applied. Decorating the eggs with the provided sweets was particularly entertaining.

Overall I was really impressed with the quality of ingredients and ease of use, enabling all of the family to remain engaged and enjoy the egg making process! Great Product!

Thanks again to Pete for his write up! It certainly looks like this was a fun activity for him and his family. Have a great weekend everyone.