April 16th: Kit Kat Baked Pudding Flavour

Kcal 64 Fat 3.6g Carbs 7.4f (per 11.6g mini)

You just know the product in question has to have come from JList when you find yourself looking it up on the internet to verify whether it's an April Fools joke or not! Well that's exactly the situation we found ourselves in earlier this month when we were offered the opportunity to review these all new Kit Kat Baked Pudding Flavour. After establishing Peter @Jlist was very much for real there was no way on earth we were turning this one down.

To undertake the first ever ChocolateMission requiring an oven we were sent a large multi-bar pack that contained 13 mini Kit Kats (each 11.6g) inside. Aside from the on-pack cues the Kit Kats themselves looked no different to any other mini white chocolate Kit Kats we've been sent from Japan before. Out the pack they smell of subtle vanilla - nice enough but seriously not in the same league as to what was later fill our nostrils after a little spot of baking.

So how on earth do you cook a Kit Kat!? Were we seriously going to do this!? As crazy as it sounds we got the oven heated to 180 and proceeded to place the Kit Kats on a sheet of foil and then on to a baking tray.

we then placed the tray in the oven for around 4 minutes ...and just look what happened ...

WOW - they looked exactly like they did on the pack with the white chocolate cutting an uber appealing golden glow. They look great, but like we said above they smelt absolutely out of this world! They smelt like fresh vanilla pastry cakes out of a bakery - honestly we can't do them enough justice.

We simply couldn't wait to get stuck in we after what seemed the longest 5 minute cooling period we gave them the taste test. Boy oh boy did they taste amazing! Compared to usual Kit Kats the wafer had been transformed into a biscuit like form. It was extra crunchy and extra tasty with it's stronger wheat biscuit flavours. The white chocolate was sweet but had a strong vanilla undertone to it which complimented the new found biscuityness very well indeed. One of these mini Kit Kats wasn't enough yet two seemed like plenty!

Overall these Kit Kat Baked Pudding Flavour are probably the best ever Kit Kats we've been sent from Japan. Those who have been following the site for the past 5/6 years will know that isn't a light statement to make considering just how many we've tried over the years. The idea of baking a Kit Kat sounds ridiculous but having reviewed these now we more think it's more genius than anything else. This is one of those things you really have to try for yourself before you really start believing that it works. We can't recommend these enough - well worthy of an @ChocMission rating of it's rating of 9.2 out of 10.

9.2 out of 10