April 25th: M&M's Birthday Cake

Kcal 190 Fat 8.0g Fat(sats) 5.0g Carbs 28.0g (per 39.5g pack)

It's been many a year since we last reviewed a variety of M&M's here on ChocolateMission but one of the team managed to convince our friends over @AmericanSodacake to send us a pack of the latest NEW flavour. As you will have gathered from the title of the post and our extraordinary photos :-) the new flavour is 'Birthday Cake' and it see's the continuation of the cake flavours trend we have seen in many US product lines of late - See HERE.

We were sent these new M&M's in 39.5g packs - about the correct amount for two suitable servings. The colour of the packs at first appeared very similar to the M&M's Pretzel, though a side-by-side comparison showed that the two shades of blue were just about different enough to stand out differently on-shelf. The visuals on the pack were colourful, inviting and indicated the Birthday Cake flavour in focus was in fact a chocolate cake with vanilla icing and frosting.

Whilst the three of us were conducting our taste one rather odd thing came to light and that was that one of our packs was totally missing any blue coloured pieces. Our other packs contained equal amounts of the red, yellow and blue, however the absence of any in one of them was a little puzzling. Despite our MIA blue M&M's weighing heavily on our minds :-) we persisted with the review and munched onwards. The M&M's tasted very much how they smelt - like totally ordinary milk chocolate M&M's but with a dash of very sweet, almost artificial vanilla. It was agreed all round that this was an effect that was neither overly positive or negative - not groundbreaking but not detrimental in either way either.

Overall these M&M's Birthday Cake were a flavour we probably could have let pass us by had we known of their averageness. The M&M's flavouring is neither poor or anything special - it's all a little underwhelming and left us thinking whether we would have noticed if they were different from normal M&M's had we not known they were flavoured beforehand. It's worth noting the team's total non-fussedness (new word!!) towards M&M's in general before writing these off completely. If you live outside of the US and have to go to great deals of effort to source these we would suggest you needn't bother. Those that do try them we would love to hear your thoughts - @Chocmission

7.0 out of 10