April 9th: Hotel Chocolat Easter Selection 2014

Even by our standards the @ChocMission coverage of Hotel Chocolat's Easter range this year has been extensive to say the least. Already we've given you our rulings on a whole host of their new 2014 Easter creations - from chocolate bunny shaped puzzles to last weeks sublime Half-and-Half Ostrich Egg you guys can get reassured that after you see today's review we will of had it all fully covered for you.

So 'eggs-get-cracking' ... come on we had to have at least one last egg pun :-) Today we want to give you the run down of the official Hotel Chocolat Easter Selection box. With our relationship with Hotel Chocolat now spanning 7 years this is one selection box we've continually sampled each year so our hopes and expectations were that it would be as good as ever.

Unlike much of the other products in the Easter line-up this year the yellow pastel colour scheme made way for a more masculine looking sky blue and gold design. The effect of this was fantastic and combined with the attractive looking inner chocolates we could do little but award high marks for the overall presentation - when do Hotel Chocolat ever do badly here!?

The selection comprised of 28 chocolates of which there 10 different varieties .... let us take you through them.

The three different flavoured chocolate bunnies were the first we set upon with the previously reviewed Caramel and Praline Bow Tie Bunnies joined by the additional Orange Bow Tie Bunny piece. Much as they were previously the first two options received strong acclaim offering highly pleasurable caramel and praline options. The dark chocolate and orange bunny wasn't to be outdone though, the lucky taste testing panel members that got to sample these couldn't speak more highly of the juicy, zesty orange flavours that accompanied the rich dark chocolate.

Next up we went after the fruitier egg shaped options residing in the collection. Both the pink and yellow coloured Raspberry and Apricot Ganache Egglets were as tasty as they were colourful offering real tasting fruity chocolate flavours in abundance. The other two Egglets you see above were the other fruity options the booze fuelled Easter Cocktail Egglet and the unique Mandarin Olive Oil Egglet. The latter of the two there may sound slightly strange however the taste tester confirmed that the additional oil just made the mouth feel of the truffle all the more smooth and pleasurable.

The last three varieties included the Nutty Caramel, Salted Caramel Ganache and Irish Coffee Egglets. Both the first two were undeniably excellent and matched the quality experienced with both in yester-years. We hate to end on a slight downer however the Irish Coffee Egglet did disappoint a little with as it lacked a little prowess in the coffee flavouring department.

Overall it delights us to say that the Hotel Chocolat Easter Selection didn't fail to live up to expectations and certainly matched the quality of previous years. The 10 different varieties may not stretch as far as other Hotel Chocolat Sleeksters but the flavours involved are all differentiated enough to accommodate all tastes with fruit, caramel, nuts and booze all represented with strong chocolates. If you find the larger chocolate egg options overly daunting then this Hotel Chocolat Easter Selection provides a perfect bite-sized chocolate experience.

8.5 out of 10

We hope you have all enjoyed the Hotel Chocolat Easter range reviews this year - remember you can get 10% off using our special discount code HC10SPR14