EASTER FIGHT NIGHT SPECIAL ... Malteasers MaltEaster vs MerryTeaser

The ultimate Maltesers battle is on ladies and gentlemen!!!

As the years go by we are finding that Christmas and Easter chocolate stocks are progressively overlapping in our local UK supermarkets!

No greater evidence of this is this fun little feature we have put together for you all today - MaltEaster vs MerryTeaser!!

As we are are sure you are all aware these are the seasonal 'Limited Edition' chocolates from Mars's Maltesers brand. Well for the first time ever one of our beady eyed team members spotted BOTH being sold in our local Tesco at the same time. Being the curious folk we are we had to investigate whether they were the same; apart from the obvious Easter Bunny / Christmas Reindeer shape of course!!


To our great shock the on-pack details were actually slightly different. Both were 29.0g and 156 calories, but the fat content per 100.0g was a SHOCKING 0.1g higher for the Reindeer. Further investigation revealed this was due to there being more malt filling in the Reindeer - 31.0% vs the 30% in the Bunny!


So with the weigh-in complete the fight was on!! Taste test time!!

Guess what people!? No difference at all between the two. They tasted identical - milky sweet outer chocolate and a very tasty malty centre with little bits of rice cereal in for textural interest.

RESULT: .... Unanimous DRAW

We love these MaltEaster / MerryTeaser chocolates and always look forward to them coming out during their seasonal times. Whilst the showdown may have been a no-contest the real winners are us if the two products continue to overlap as much as they do! We say bring on the Halloween version for all year round provision!