Hotel Chocolat EGGs-travaganza Day 2: You Crack Me Up Extra Thick Egg

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Hopefully that will save you all some pennies - judging by the feedback on our Easter 2014 coverage for Hotel Chocolat already this year it sounds as if there are plenty of you making sure we are on the ball with our reviews ;-)

So what is order of the day today then!? Well at the risk of sounding like the guy from Big Brother ....

Day 2 of the Hotel Chocolat EGGs-travaganza, and it's the turn of the Hotel Chocolat You Crack Me Up Extra Thick Egg to get it's @ChocMission verdict!

The Hotel Chocolat You Crack Me Up is described on the site as 'an irrepressibly upbeat egg bursting with smiley face pralines and happy chicks'. The full package includes two 'extra-thick' shells made from a blend of both the Hotel Chocolat 40% milk chocolate and their high cocoa-white chocolate. With the team so experienced with both of these chocolates there was little surprise that they were very well received. The milk chocolate especially is really some of the best on the market with the way it blends both sweet cocoa and cream in what has to be one of the most velvety chocolate melt mouth feels.

The shells were great but that wasn't all to be enjoyed. Included inside the egg twelve chocolate truffles of six different varieties offered - smiley-faced pralines, egg-dipped white chocolate soldiers, milk chocolate chicks and caramel bunnies. One could say the selection isn't all that adventurous though the team did note that the flavours on offer were encompassing of Hotel Chocolat's main strengths - caramels and pralines!

Overall it's quite obvious that this particular offering in the Hotel Chocolat Easter 2014 range is one aimed at a younger consumer. The team loved the fun natured design of the truffles and beautiful presentation is really a site to behold with the thickness of the egg shells something that doesn't fail to live up to it's 'extra-thick' billing. The quality of both the chocolate content and presentation is no worry here but if you are contemplating whether such a young recipient could ever be so appreciative of such a fine egg then we offer the solution of you helping them eat it yourself :-) The only hardship you might have is the breaking apart of the epically thick egg shells - best bring a hammer!

8.6 out of 10

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