Hotel Chocolat EGGs-travaganza Day 3: The Half-and-Half Ostrich Egg

Today we wrap up our Hotel Chocolat EGGs-travaganza week with something EGGs-tra, EGGs-tra special ... ok enough of that now! :-)

In true @ChocMission style we've gone the whole way when it comes to Hotel Chocolat reviewing. We've tried the mini-eggs in their Easter Selection box, their Goose Eggs and even their Extra Thick Eggs - reviews of which you can all see HERE.

Today however we took on the beast ... or should we say the best!?

Ladies and Gentlemen we introduce you to one of the behemoths of the Hotel Chocolat Easter 2014 range - the Hotel Chocolat The Half-and-Half Ostrich Egg.

This without question is the largest single chocolate product we've ever reviewed and it took the whole ChocolateMission team the best part of a week or so to consume the entire thing. The 1.125kg Half-and-Half Ostrich Egg includes pretty much everything - you could imagine or want from the Hotel Chocolat product range.

The ridiculously enormous shells comprise of one 50% milk chocolate with crispy feuilletine and another 70% dark chocolate shell studded with almonds. The split of preference within the team was about 50:50 though on reflection we doubt there would have been any arguments given just how large they were. The milk chocolate shell offered a chocolate bursting with sweet cream cocoa chocolate flavours and had unique crunchy bite to it's texture. The 70% dark chocolate was received equally as positively with the fresh crunchy almonds providing a buttery element to the richer, earthier cocoa laden dark chocolate. The shells were amazing but that was merely scratching the surface of things ... prepare for a photo explosion :-)  

The shells were filled with 29 milk and dark chocolates of which there were 13 different flavour varieties including all time favourites like the Billionaires Shortbread, Florentine Isabella, Dizzy Pralines, Champagne Truffles, Praline Crisp, Salted Praline & Caramel, Salted Soft Caramels, Milk Ganaches, Dark Chocolate Hot Cross Buns, Orange Bow Tie Bunnies and Cocktail Egglets. The variety was amazing with seemingly the whole teams favourites covered off - fruity booze fuelled truffles, nutty pralines, delectable salted caramels all of the highest quality you could wish to find.

 ... but that still wasn't everything!! Hidden deep inside the inner depths of the eggs six special foil wrapped Salted Caramel Egglets were there to be discovered (and consumed rather rapidly!). It was a great touch and gave the egg that a feel that it was really something extra special.

Overall without question this Hotel Chocolat The Half-and-Half Ostrich Egg was one of the finest chocolate products we've ever tried whilst running this site. The presentation of the entire package is just incredible with every detail thought about and well designed from the outer box to the inner chocolates. The egg shells look spectacular, the truffles colourful and appetising - great attention to detail throughout! As we've hopefully communicated above the selection of chocolates and truffles on offer will accommodate all tastes - you'll have no worries there as there will be something for everyone! The price point may be the deal breaker for some but if it is a stand out chocolate option you want this year then this Hotel Chocolat The Half-and-Half Ostrich Egg is the one that fits the bill.

9.4 out of 10

We hope you have all enjoyed the Hotel Chocolat EGGs-travaganza week!!
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