May 12th: Mikado King Choco Praline

Kcal 21 Fat 1.1g Carbs 2.5g (per 4.3g stick)

@ChocMission readers who love their Japanese Pocky will want to pay attention today as we have another Cadbury exclusive! Introducing the newest addition to the UK Mikado range - 'King Choco Praline'. Saying these are an entirely new product would be slightly misleading. As far as we can tell these have been available in wider Europe (Italy, Germany and France) and have been so successful that Cadbury (Mondelez Int to be exact!) have decided to role them out for the UK. Here @ChocMission we are big advocates of pretty much all biscuit stick snack products (See previous Pocky & Mikado reviews HERE) so it was with great excitement we got to try this new 'luxury' variety.

We were sent a few 51.0g for sampling after contact with @Mikado_UK on twitter. We are aware these are shortly to be made available in Asda at an RRP of £1.39 - that may sound expensive for a snack of this size but we think it's more than likely you will be seeing these on some sort of rollback deal when first introduced. The packaging for the UK release might change when fully released, however the samples we received had a surprising amount of the on-pack information in German. This wasn't so much an issue for us but it would be nice to see the outer packaging customised for the local market; we can imagine it might put off some consumers who are less used to German confectionery language.

Language was to be no barrier of course :-) The team were more than enthusiastic to undertake the taste test and were only further encouraged when our eyes set upon the biscuit sticks themselves. As you can see from our expert photography ;-) the chocolate coatings and biscuit sticks were far thicker than normal Mikado. This made them a far more substantial and satisfying experience with the chocolatey hazelnut and biscuit flavours more powerful and longer sustained compared to it's weedier siblings. Some of the team thought that to make them uber epic the sticks could have been rolled in chopped nuts to further compound the woody hazelnut taste. The current absence of the nut pieces hardly stopped the team chomping all six boxes in a single after ... for shame @ChocMission.

Overall these new Mikado King Choco Praline got a big thumbs up all round from the team. As one would expect the larger size was no problem for anyone whatsoever. They are slightly more satisfying than your normal sized Pocky/Mikado though they still have the same 'just one more' appeal that keeps you constantly reaching back in the box. The 'praline' flavour variation may not appeal to all and we did find it a little surprising to see they didn't lead the King Choco UK invasion with the normal plain chocolate variant. None of us here @ChocMisison are complaining though. We recommend these to any Pocky or Mikado fans - let us know what you make of them when you try them yourselves.

8.2 out of 10