May 14th: Cornetto Double Chocolate Cone

Kcal 113 Fat 7.5g Fat(sats) 4.0g Carbs 10.0g (per 20.0g cone)

'No ice cream included' Quite why Unilever still felt the need to put that exclaimer on the wrapper of this all new Cornetto Double Chocolate Cone we don't know! They obviously didn't learn from our previous review of their first Cornetto chocolate that we reviewed back in April 2013 (See HERE).

Oh well! Just a little over a year since Walls brought their first batch of these ambient chocolates to us here in the UK they have followed up with a new Limited Edition Cornetto flavour. This Cornetto Double Chocolate Cone was sent to us by @ChocMission Rachel who said she found it on sale in her local Superdrug store. The individual 20.0g cones set her back £0.60 each - we thought this was quite the pricey sum for a snack so small.

Described on the packaging as 'milk chocolate filling in a wafer cone, chocolate flavoured coating and white chocolate pieces' we thought Cornetto were being rather humble not trying to claim it was Triple Chocolate :-) Smart remarks aside it looked pretty cool and we especially liked that the mini nut pieces remained on top sticking true to it's ice cream form.

Taste wise it was a decent sweet snack that certainly didn't lack a chocolatey flavour hit. The variety of textures from the light mousse like filling, crispy wafer and solid milk chocolate at the bottom made it a fun little treat to eat. A single cone obviously didn't solve any hunger pangs (certainly not compared to other similarly priced snacks!), though on the whole it at least delivered on the chocolate side of things and was a totally different proposition to most other chocolates on the market.

Overall this Cornetto Double Chocolate Cone is perhaps worth a try if you are a big fan of Cornettos, but it's definitely not worth going out your way or making any real effort to track down. Truth be told the novelty of these ambient chocolate Walls's ice creams wears off pretty fast - especially when you do the price math.

7.2 out of 10