May 19th: Hotel Chocolat Pear Cider Truffles

Kcal 158 Fat 11.0g Fat(sats) 7.0g Carbs 13.0g (per 3 truffles)

Hotel Chocolat Monday is back and with it comes the summer sun :) Having just enjoyed a weekend of glorious British weather (enjoying it whilst we can!!) the ChocolateMission team is pleased to announce they have managed to combine two of their favourite summer time activities - pear cider drinking and chocolate reviewing :) Nothing beats the refreshment that can be achieved with a ice cold pear cider in a sun baked British beer garden. Hotel Chocolat are obviously also fans of this - just check out these all new Hotel Chocolat Pear Cider Truffles.

We were sent a pack of six that we chilled in the fridge before consuming. These new truffles will likely be part of Hotel Chocolat's new summer selection boxes but for the purpose of this review we got these in one of their more simplistic selector truffle packages. Aesthetically the truffles looked nice with the green coloured white chocolate contrasting nicely against the jet black dark chocolate.

Biting into the truffles to see their centres we were surprised to see the inner fillings were also dark coloured and not a paler shade like the flesh of the fruit. Of course in the grand scheme of things this was not something that overly concerned us :) the team were way too busy enjoying the rich cocoa flavours of the 70% dark chocolate. The exterior shell melted amazingly smoothly and was only to be outdone but the butter like softness of the centre. The filling itself was a dream - the pear cider flavours were sharp, boozy and sweet all at the same time. The accuracy of the fruit cider flavour articulation was simply outstanding.

Overall the team were seriously impressed with these Hotel Chocolat Pear Cider Truffles. As described above the quality of the chocolate was never something in doubt however we were less confident at how the pear cider was going to combine with it. Thankfully and to our great delight it was done really well - the flavour theme was not only pleasurable but it created a taste that was so close to that of real pear cider we almost questioned whether it was right to be eating them so early on in the day! Pear cider fans definitely need to give these a try.

8.0 out of 10