May 23rd: 'Cheese' Chocolate Pizza

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Did you ever think we were going to review a Pizza here on ChocolateMission!? No we didn't either until we recieved any e-mail earlier this week from Barrie who works for As you can tell by the name this is a site dedicated to providing all manner of different gifts for men - one being this uber cool looking 'Cheese Chocolate Pizza'. Barrie described this to us as 'a 7” Chocolate Pizza – hand-made from Belgian chocolate, sprinkled with white chocolate which looks like cheese'. We had no idea what the quality of this 'pizza' was going to be like but we were certainly intrigued enough to find out given the unique proposition.

The Pizza came delivered in it's own, very cool looking traditional pizza box. We liked the attention to detail of the box - it gave the product a real feel-good novelty feel and drew several laughs from the team when they first saw it. Inside the 'pizza' was split into eight slices - two each for the taste team assigned to review for today! In line with the impressive visual of the box it came in, the pizza also looked pleasant on the eye with the milk chocolate base smothered in flakes of white chocolate 'cheese', fudge, milk and dark chocolate pieces.

With the pizza looking so cool in it's box it was with great guilt that we all set upon eating it. Any regret we had ruining it's quirky aesthetics was quickly squashed once we tasted it. To our great surprise (and delight!) it actually tasted rather decent. Don't get us wrong it wasn't Hotel Chocolat quality chocolate but it was still pretty tasty. The team especially liked the way the white chocolate added an extra creamyness to the milk chocolate rather than just the expected extra sweetness. The slices which had fudge pieces on were the most sort after and justifiably so given the extra toffee flavours they brought to the party. The two slices each were a nice amount and satisfied the team's sweet tooth hunger pangs.

Overall the @ChocMission team had nothing but positive things to say about this 'Cheese' Chocolate Pizza. Given that it came from a non-specialist chocolate outlet we weren't expecting the chocolate to be of a high standard though as we suggested above we were positively surprised by what was on offer. The novelty and look of the 'Cheese' Chocolate Pizza may be more of a sell for the product thnt it's actual taste but if your expectations aren't that high it's likely you will be similarly impressed. If your're looking at gifts for men then take a look at the site and take a look at this 'Cheese' Chocolate Pizza!

7.4 out of 10