May 26th: Hotel Chocolat Gianduja Bombes

Kcal 173 Fat 15.0g Fat(sats) 6.0g Carbs 8.0g (per 3 truffles)

It wouldn't of taken a genious to predict that these Hotel Chocolat Gianduja Bombes were going to score highly on the @ChocMission rating system now was it :) Hotel Chocolat make some of the best gianduja chocolate around - you need only check the review archive for our gushings about how incredible it is before - See HERE. Given our previous we probably shouldn't have been surprised whatsoever to see a pack of these Hotel Chocolat Gianduja Bombes in our latest sampling package - the guys at HC must have known they were going to get a positive review for them :)

If we have one complaint about said product today it was the fact that we only got sent one of these selector packs. The six truffles lasted all of a matter two minutes between two of us - three each was probably a sensible portion size though we could have easily managed double that had we the opportunity. The allure of the chocolates began with their aesthetic appearance - they looked great with their cocoa dusted exteriors and the thickness of the outer shell and whipped inner fillings made them look ever the more epic.

Aroma wise they smelt amazing with a plethora of hazelnut chocolate scents on offer as soon as the plastic packet was opened. We didn't hang around taking these in for that long mind you - no sooner were they opened we got right in to the taste test. If there is one thing to really commend about these truffles it was the beauty of the different textural mouth feels on offer - the progressiveness of the light cocoa dusting, the crispy outer chocolate and the butter like centres felt incredible and very luxurious. The feel of the melt was only to equalled by the taste generated. Rich chocolatey cocoa flavours grew in intensity alongside and an amazing undertone of creamy, woody hazelnut. The taste was just delicious and so epically moreish.

Overall these Hotel Chocolat Gianduja Bombes are definitely on the repeat purchase list for the future. It's no surprise that these are often featured in several of Hotel Chocolat's selection boxes and are one of the truffles that they produce all year round. Gianduja is something that Hotel Chocolat simply do outstandingly. The way they combine their high quality chocolate with the nutty creamyness of the hazelnut makes for an experience that would send any Nutella fan over the edge :) These are one of our favourite truffles and we simply can't recommend them enough.

9.0 out of 10