May 28th: Beech's Chocolate Creams Range

Kcal 39 Fat 1.1g Fat(sats) 0.6g Carbs 7.1g (per chocolate ... yes all four varieties)

It's been a while since we last got to review some product from our friends at Beech's so to make up for lost time we thought we would give you a four-in-one @ChocMission special. As you can see from our photos Beech's this month sent across a lovely selection of some of their famous Beech's Chocolate Creams. We have previously reviewed their Coffee Cream's (See HERE) so it was with great delight we got the chance to try the remaining Violet, Mint, Rose and Orange Cream flavours. Remember all @ChocMission readers can get 10% off at the online shop by using the code 'BFC11041410'.

We received these Chocolate Creams in 90.0g boxes - we were lucky enough to be sent a few so we distributed them amongst the team to whoever fancied trying that particular flavour. Packaging and presentation wise we thought the range looked pretty good and liked the use of the pastel colours to establish their classical, old-school look and feel. Another impressive aspect of all four flavours were the lovely aromas that each offered. Scents of orange, mint, violet and rose were all forthcoming once the plastic seals had been broken and these nicely set expectations of the taste tests to follow.

As we said above we split all four flavours across the team so the views you will read in the following paragraph are a collection of all our thoughts.

Taking the Mint Creams first the feedback on these was overwhelmingly positive with the taste tester very much liking the contrast of the unsweetened dark chocolate and refreshing peppermint fondant inside - higher quality After Eights were the final ruling! The Orange Creams came in for similar praise with the fruity, sweet flavoured orange fondant seen as a very fitting pairing with the dark chocolate exteriors. Another big thumbs up from all that tried these.

The lesser favoured two from the selection were the Rose and Violet Creams. The older members of the @ChocMission team *ahem* absolutely loved them and said they reminded them of the old style Parma Violet sweets they used to be given by their parents when they were 'wee nippers'. Some of the younger @ChocMission taste tester however didn't 'get these' whatsoever - suffice to say they were more than happy finishing off the Mint and Orange Creams left :)

Overall the Beech's Chocolate Creams range offers something for all ages and should definitely be considered if you are after a chocolate gift from a classical British brand. As we found out from our taste tests the Rose and Violet flavours are probably more suitable for the older consumers, though we offer the Mint and Orange varieties are likely to be just as warmly received by the younger generations. If you haven't read our opening gambit and missed the ditty on the discount code that all @ChocMission members are entitled to then scroll back up! Bag yourself some Beech's Chocolate Creams and reminisce about how chocolates used to be made 'back in the day' :)

7.9 out of 10