May 2nd: Ritter Sport Summer 2014 Limited Editions - incl Eiscafe

On what happened to be the most miserable of days weather wise here @ChocMission towers, smiles were put on the faces of the whole team when our postie arrived with a big box of samples from our friends at Ritter Sport :-)

Indeed to our great delight we for one minute at least got to forget about the stormy gales blowing outside and got in the mood for Summer!! Summer!? Really!? Already!?

Yep!! As you can see from photos our German friends have already chosen their lineup this year for their Summer Limited Edition flavours. As is the case the case with all of the Ritter Sport Limited Edition tri-releases these days, Ritter keep the two most popular ones from the previous year and bring a new one to the party.

Keeping their places in the range this year from 2013 both the Ritter Sport Himbeer-Cranberry Joghurt and Ritter Sport Erdbeer Vanille-Waffel. To us English speaking folk that all translates as the Ritter Sport Raspberry-Cranberry Yogurt and the Ritter Sport Strawberry Vanilla Wafer (Neapolitan ice-cream flavour).

Views on both these flavours held from last year with the Ritter Sport Strawberry Vanilla Wafer especially loved by one and all. To see our full reviews of both of these bars from 2013 you need to See HERE.

Done with the old so in with the NEW - the Ritter Sport Eiscafe!!

Ritter Sport Eiscafe
Kcal Fat Fat(sats) Carbs

Jim squealed like a little girl when he saw this flavour ... it was almost quite sad :-) Being the huge chocolate coffee fan that he is even before tasting this one he stashed all of the samples away under lock and key and rationed the rest of us. When we did finally get the opportunity to try this bar out it was pretty unanimously liked - even by some of the team who aren't such big fans of the previous said combination. The bar construct of 'milk chocolate with a coffee and vanilla flavoured filling' was consistent from the on-pack photos to the bar itself with the filling as generously portioned as shown on the front of the wrapper. Aroma wise it indicated a sweet coffee experience with scents of vanilla evident from the outset. The exterior milk chocolate initiated the flavour development with a bold, sweet cocoa taste from the outset. Upon revelation of the filling a pleasant coffee hinted creamyness took over and melted with a mouth feel fit for any high class truffle. The end note of vanilla further added to the party and created the ice cream type experience the Eiscafe name implied. The expert Jim was left wanting a little more focus on the coffee flavouring, though as a team we think the kinder, creamier interpretation of the flavour gave it a softer, more mass friendly appeal. Well done Ritter, another successful summer flavour in the books!

8.2 out of 10