May 7th: Lizi's On the Go Granola Belgian Chocolate

Kcal 236 Fat 13.3g Fat(sats) 4.5g Carbs 20.7g (per 47.0g)

For all members of the ChocolateMission team breakfast 'on the go' is an all too common occurrence. We are busy people you know :-) ... ok! ok! We are actually more the type of people that prefer an extra ten minutes in bed rather than being able to sit down with the newspaper with a freshly squeezed OJ and continental breakfast buffet :-) Our love for the land of lumber normally means that breakfast is either a) not bothered with or b) involving a slice of toast and crumbs all down our clothes as we rush off to work. Luckily this month the team at ChocolateMission have been able to go to work on much happier stomachs thanks to our friends over at Lizi's!

Lizi's were kind enough to reach out to us and offer us the opportunity of trying their all new Lizi's Belgian Chocolate Granola Pouches. These 'on the go' pouches are described by Lizi's as ...

'Lizi's Granola On The Go - is a single portion of Lizi's Granola in innovative packaging that doubles as a bowl and comes with it's own spoon. It has lactose free milk powder in the pack so once a few spoonfuls of water have been added, a creamy, healthy and tasty breakfast is awaiting you in the pack!'

Cool idea huh!? Well we thought so! When we first saw the product in person we have to admit we had flashbacks to camping trips of old with the pouch format a none to familiar method of consuming such foodstuffs. Any anxiety we had towards the packaging however was short lived when we saw the attractive cereal. The chunks of nut and chocolate inside looked massive and the lovely smells of baked nuts and sweet honey only further fuelled our interest.

The next and only other oddity with this product came with the 'creation' of the milk. Adding water to cereal felt totally wrong, but to our great surprise the milk powder blended beautifully to create a delightfully creamy mix for the inner granola. With preparation all done in the blink of an eye the only thing left to was give it a try! Hands down this was some of the best granola cereal we have tasted! The oats were crunchy, fresh and tasty and provided a more than fitting base for the other ingredients. Adding extra doses of flavour to each mouthful, fragments of coconut, cashews and hazelnuts really brought a nutty element to the cereal. We thought with so many different nuts and seeds that the Belgian chocolate might have been an afterthought but however this wasn't the case at all. The oaty chunks had a delicious chocolate coating and like all good chocolate cereal it created an amazing chocolatey milk once water had been added! This was breakfast 'on the go' at it's finest! Yum!

Overall we have a new breakfast hero - Lizi's Belgian Chocolate Granola Pouch! As we said at the start of the review we are useless when it comes to ensuring we head to work on a full stomach so to find an option that is as convenient, satisfying and tasty as this for us is a real find. The granola cereal is top quality and features amazing nut and chocolate elements that bring each mouthful to life. The team here are now addicted to these pouches and have already been ordering their own supplies from Lizi's. Let us know if you have tried any of their new 'on the go' pouches yet or have any other breakfast alternatives that might be suitable for a ChocolateMission review.

8.6 out of 10