May 9th: Snickers Rockin' Nut Road (2014 update)


We've been a little critical of Mars US recently with some their latest 'innovations' failing to impress us. One thing we were delighted to see however was the return of one of our all time favourite Snickers Limited editions - the Snickers Rockin Nut Road.

This delicious little beauty consisting of 'dark chocolate, almonds, caramel and marshmallow flavoured nougat' was every bit as tasty as the one we tried over 6 years ... YES 6 years ago in 2008.

The new 49.9g size may have been 2.0g smaller than the original limited edition version we tried back in the day but it was still entirely satisfying and left everyone in team who tried one feeling nothing but content.

Are you a UK Snickers fan that hasn't tried this Rockin Nut Road yet?? If the answer to that question is Yes you seriously need to change that! Get involved! You wont regret it!

Kcal 240 Fat 11.0g Fat(sats) 5.0g Carbs 34.0g

I find it literally quite amazing the amount of different variations of some bars they get in the US. Here in the UK we have the Snickers ... straight up, no bends ... Snickers! It was only last week I sampled the Snickers Dark, a few months back the Snickers Charged ... even longer ago the Snickers Almond ... lets not even talking about the Snickers Nut'nButter Crunch and 'Adventure Bar' as my heads beginning to hurt lol!

Well today courtesy once again of **I Shop 4 You II** I got to try the latest of the Snickers range, the Rockin' Nut Road. My opening paragraph may sound like im complaining about all the different varieties but thankfully this one was actually pretty good! Want a second opinion!? See GiGi's review over at GiGi Reviews!!

This Rockin' Nut Road was a formed using a bit of everything from the other limited editions - 'Almonds, caramel and marshmallow-flavoured nougat wrapped in dark chocolate'. The bar came in a standard limited edition Snickers size 51.9g ... a fair old serving size ... Snickers does indeed 'Satisfy' as it claims on the wrapper. The packaging didn't look anything out of place from the rest of the Snickers range, the cross section of the bar looked very similar to the Snickers Dark ... a nice dark coloured chocolate looked impressive against the paleness of the nougat, the layering was obvious and enticing. The bar had a very familiar Snickers like smell, the dark chocolate was the main focus of the aroma, though I could also detect small extracts of nut and sweetness from the mallow.

The outer dark chocolate was of course identical to the Snickers Dark - it lacked the sweetness and the milkiness of the original milk chocolate Snickers and had a fuller longer cocoa rooted taste. As I said on that review it was far from overbearing, anyone wary of dark chocolate being bitter needn't worry here, it had a friendly and pleasant taste. The middle of bar was obviously a mix of the caramel, almond and nougat layers. I was expecting the flavour of the marshmallow nougat to be similar to the Hershey's S'mores bar, basically overly sweet and bland ... this wasn't the case. It was indeed sweet but had a distinct toasted mallow flavour, its texture was firm but light and had a pleasant chewyness. The sweetness was complimented very nicely by the additional salty but sweet caramel and almond layer. The nuts had a buttery flavour and added a nice crunchiness to the mix, the caramel was faultless as ever. The textures of the bar worked remarkably well, the melt of the chocolate was smooth, whilst the chewy nature of the middle layers made for an interesting contrast. The duration of the taste was long and had elements of all the cocoa, sweet mallow and nutty flavours.

Overall I have come to conclusion that I really liked this bar. Due to the overkill of limited editions, as you can tell by the opening paragraph this really wasn't a bar that excited me all that much beforehand - however it was actually rather good. The marshmallow nougat was flavoursome and not the overly sugar laden prospect I thought it would be - it had a nice distinct flavour whilst retaining the usual pleasantness of the chew with its nougat texture. The dark chocolate, almonds and caramel all combined nicely with this marshmallow to deliver a great tasting, nicely textured product. No ... it's not quite on the same level of the standard original Snickers ... it lacks the size and near perfect balance of peanut sweetness and saltiness ... but this well worthy of a Chocolate Mission coveted 9.0 rating. Well worth trying for yourself, a very accomplished and worthwhile limited edition ... its not too often I say that now.

9.0 out of 10

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