Something for your Bank Holiday ... the Peanut Hottie song!!!

Our review would of told you we loved Peanut Hottie when we got the chance to review it last month (See HERE)

If we LOVED Peanut Hottie then we shudder to think what these guys think of it! If you are in need of a laugh this bank holiday then take a look at the below :-)


Two local peanut butter fans have shown that they are simply nuts for the world’s first peanut butter flavoured hot drink by penning a musical tribute to the product.

Chris Mohan (21) and Django Holder (18) decided to create a spoof in honour of Peanut Hottie after trying it for the first time. Written by the dynamic duo to the tune of the Franz Ferdinand classic ‘Take Me Out’, the song features lyrics such as “so if you're thirsty, there's something new here waiting for you…” and is named in honour of the drink’s tagline ‘Take me home’.

Since its launch in October 2013 Peanut Hottie has been revolutionising the British brew and has created a legion of devoted fans. Although not the first tribute to the product, it is the first song to be written about it with fans previously using it in recipes and writing letters of thanks.

Lisa Gawthorne co-creator of Peanut Hottie commented, “Since our launch in October we’ve developed a real fan following amongst customers with people regularly tweeting about enjoying the product or engaging with us on Facebook. I’ve worked in the food industry for over a decade, with some brilliant brands, but this is the first time a community has ever created a song in honour of the product. I think it’s brilliant and Chris and Django are both very talented.”

Chris added, “I’d heard about the product online and really wanted to try it, so I went in search. As soon I had my first cup I was addicted, the sweet taste is brilliant and it makes a great alternative to your bog standard brew. Then I saw the tagline on the jar which read ‘Take Me Home’ and thought I could have a bit of fun with it.

“I enlisted my bandmate Django and in the space of an afternoon we had written the lyrics. Our next step was to enlist the help of some friends to create a music video we could send in. Neither Django or I expected anyone from Peanut Hottie to respond to our email, but they did to say they liked the song. It’s now become a sort of unofficial anthem for all Peanut Hottie lovers, which is brilliant!”

The music video created by the pair is now available to view online and other fans of the brand are being asked to submit a video of them singing via Facebook, full details can be found at