June 11th: Hotel Chocolat Beer Truffles

Kcal 156 Fat 10.0g Fat(sats) 6.0g Carbs 13.0g (per 3 chocolates)

We love hearing our reader and we like to think we take all feedback constructively and try to make what we do on the site better. With that in mind we listened to what you guys had to say about our review on Monday (Hotel Chocolat Father's Day Selection Box HERE) and got the message loud and clear that you also wanted us to review one of the other smaller options in their range. Well ask and you shall receive - today we bring you our thoughts on these Hotel Chocolat Beer Truffles.

These truffles have been specifically crafted with Father's Day in mind and you will be able to buy them as part of the Hotel Chocolat Selectors Range available both online and in their stores. The 60.0g pack of six truffles came billed as 'a blend of Belgian blonde beer and high-cocoa white ganache served in milk chocolate'. Some might call the proposition of beer flavoured truffles bizarre but given Hotel Chocolat's expertise we felt confident that they could make a good fist of it.

As part of the Selector range the presentation of the truffles wasn't on par with some of the more grandioso Hotel Chocolat products but they looked fine nonetheless. The truffles were sized so they were edible in a single mouthful so the team all took the same approach and ate them all in one allowing the melt to develop slowly. The flavour path of these truffles was highly commended all round. The milk chocolate established a familiar creamy, high cocoa chocolateyness and melted at a nice rate to reveal a softer, silkier inner filling. The inner truffle initially brought a creamier taste, though a subtle undertone of boozie, malty hops slowly came to the fore as the melt developed. These were truffles weren't necessarily suitable for eating on mass but they did a job curing the team's much needed chocolate cravings.

Overall these weren't our favourite Hotel Chocolat truffles we've ever tried but the proposition of the beer and chocolate was definitely delivered on. Across the team we agreed the matching of the two wasn't the most natural but the execution in terms of the volume of beer influence vs the chocolate was really well done. As a Fathers Day gift these are really spot on - they aren't the usual self indulgent Hotel Chocolat experience but they are a great novelty and it's almost a bonus that they just so happen to taste pretty fantastic as well. If you want the cheaper Hotel Chocolat option for this Sunday these are a set of truffles worth looking at.

7.9 out of 10