June 16th: Hotel Chocolat Island Smoothies

The Hotel Chocolat summer range samples have been with us for some time now and we are slowly making our way through the very generous box of treats sent our way from our pals over @HotelChocolat HQ. 

The summer range this year has followed suit from previous years with the focus being on pairing different fruit flavours with suitable milk, dark and white chocolates. The Summer Fusions selector box is obviously the selection box with the most truffle options, however those looking for something slightly smaller might want to check out this 115.0g, 16 piece Hotel Chocolat Island Smoothies selection.  

As you can see from the photo above this collection of fruit chocolates contains four different varieties. The product as a whole comes nicely packaged with all 16 pieces visible through the transparent plastic cover and segregated in a black tray. Aesthetically each of the four variants looked nice and colourful - the colours clearly signposted each of the four flavours on offer.

Banana Smoothie - The inner banana filling was combined with white chocolate to produce a deliciously creamy, real fruit taste. These were the second favourite.  

Passionfruit Smoothie - The combination of the stronger cocoa recipe milk chocolate exterior and zesty passionfruit was well liked though some members of the team said they would have welcomed this fruit was paired with a creamier chocolate. Still liked but an obvious fourth.

Saint Lucian Breakfast Smoothie - This was an outstanding and very unique tasting chocolate truffle! combining lime, grapefruit and coconut the array of fruity flavours was amazing paired with the sweet, creamy white chocolate. Definitely the favourite.  

Apricot Smoothie - This won the award for most colourful :) Not all of the team like apricot but those that did praised it for the quality of the accuracy of the apricot fruit flavours. Both tangy and creamy this was another very well liked option. 

Overall this Hotel Chocolat Island Smoothies collection is really a fantastic option for those looking for a summery selection of fruit flavoured chocolates. It's not always suitable (or within most of our budgets!) to gift people Hotel Chocolat Sleekster boxes but this smaller selection is certainly a very aesthetically pleasing and tasty option. The four different variants are all very tasty as far as fruity chocolates go. Special praise has to go to the Saint Lucian Breakfast Smoothie which was very well received by the whole test team. Unsurprisingly the team would highly recommend this Hotel Chocolat Island Smoothies selection for fruit flavoured chocolate fans.

8.4 out of 10