June 18th: Blue Chocolates Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts / Sea Salt

A few weeks ago our new pals over at Blue Chocolates made their @ChocMission debut when we reviewed their fantastic Milk Chocolate with Cranberry bar - See HERE. Having received such positive feedback from our readership about wanting to see more from Blue Chocolates we requested they send over a few more bars from their range and duly obliged.

Having reviewed a bar from their milk chocolate range before we wanted to dip into their milk chocolate varieties so it was with great pleasure we got to try both these Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts and Sea Salt bars.

Both came in 80.0g sizes and in the simple cellophane plastic packet sleeves. As we noted in our previous Blue Chocolates review there is the option with every Blue Chocolates chocolate to have the  bars packaged in their beautiful gift boxes well worth the extra money if you are gifting these! As you can imagine everyone in the team was mega keen to try both of these bars so we had ourselves a total team tasting session. 

The first we tried was the Blue Chocolates 42% Ecuador Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts. The bar was visibly packed full of chocolate hazelnut pieces and it had a lovely nutty aroma once unwrapped. Texture wise the chocolate had a pleasantly paced melt though the team wasn't so keen on the slight roughness caused by the chopped hazelnut pieces. That said this didn't spoil things what so ever as the woody, hazelnut flavours they generated more than made up for it. These in addition the sweet, cocoa creamy chocolate made for a epically moreish bar. Yum! 

7.8 out of 10

Second up for review was the Blue Chocolates 50% Madagascar Dark Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt. As you would have guessed by the name this was a slightly stronger chocolate that had a more forthcoming, earthier cocoa taste. The sea salt element was very well implemented into the bar with the salt lick coming in the later stages of the melt. It left a lasting impression in the mouth and like the hazelnut chocolate above made it incredibly moreish. Another true delight. 

8.8 out of 10

Overall these were two more wonderful bars from Blue Chocolates and proved that have great skills in crafting superb milk chocolates. If you had to push us for a favourite between the two we would suggest you go for the Sea Salt bar but trust us you will be equally happy should you choose either option. Stay tuned for more from @BlueChocolates - coming soon!