June 20th: Beech's Thank You Selection Box

Kcal 510 Fat 26.9g Fat(sats) 16.6g Carbs 59.7g (per 100.0g)

Please and Thank You - little words but so important! That's what we were taught when we were young here @ChocMission. Sometimes just the words suffice but on many occasions it's worth showing a little extra gratitude. Flowers may do it for some but chocolates are normally our gift of choice when it comes to these instances, after all, everyone loves chocolate don't they :)

Well our friends over @Beech's have just created a fantastic new offering and have re-launched their Continental Assortment Gift Pack with a new range of different Git message boxes. One of these messages is of course the 'Thank You' design - this Beech's tell us is 'perfect at this time of year for those wanting to thank their teachers at the end of term time' - made sense to us!

The 90.0g Thank You selection box came with the billing of 'a selection of milk, dark and white chocolate treats'. It contained seven different chocolates and came very smartly packed in a nicely designed cardboard box and plastic tray combo. Here's what the team made of the chocolates themselves:

Strawberry Parafait, Caramel Delight and Orange Truffle - The team weren't the biggest fans of the Strawberry Parafait due to it's overly sweet, synthetic strawberry flavours, however the Caramel Delight and Orange Truffle were very well received. The Caramel Delight got a lot of praise for it's gooey, soft buttery caramel.

Vanilla Mousse and Hazelnut Swirl - Both of these got the thumbs up from the team. Some thought the Vanilla Mousse was lacking a little flavour but others like the fact it was a little less intense compared to some of the stronger alternatives. The Hazelnut Swirl was loved by all. The woody, nutty flavours highly complimented the milk chocolate.

Hazelnut Supreme and Dark Coffee & Walnut - The Hazelnut Supreme drew many of the same positive comments than the Swirl piece with it's fantastic nutty flavours. The differentiation between the two came in the fact that the Supreme chocolate offered a creamier, milkier outer white chocolate. As you probably would have guess Jim went straight for the Dark Coffee & Walnut and said he loved it. The coffee element could have been stronger but the strength of the walnut in the taste was a welcome surprise.

Overall this Beech's Thank You Selection proved to be a gift very much worth giving. The nice presentation of the box is backed up by a collection of seven quality chocolates that are well varied to match a good spectrum of different tastes. Given three out of four do contain nuts it's worth checking with the recipient that they like them! If they do then this is a highly recommended box for gifting. Remember @Beechs have been kind enough to offer 10% for all @ChocMission readers - just use the code BDC02061410 at the checkout on the Beech's website.

8.3 out of 10