June 25th: Barny Chocolate

Kcal 118 Fat 4.6g Fat(sats) 1.4g Carbs 17.5g (per cake)

We do love a good cake here on ChocolateMission so it is with great delight that we today satisfy many of the e-mails that have been sent our way recently to review these all NEW Barny Chocolate cakes. Yes you read that correctly .... Barny!!! Even the spellchecker used to write this review is telling my I've spelt that wrong, but no, believe it or not Barny is indeed the name of the newest cake line up to make its way out of the combined Cadbury/Kraft enterprise, the now dubbed Mondelez International.

By the time this review hits the ChocolateMission front page you will be able to find these new Barny cakes on sale in your local supermarket. You will probably be unlucky to be paying more than £1.00 to try these for the first few weeks, though the RRP may be slightly more as that is normally the promo price used similar products. Barny cakes are available in two flavours - Milk and Chocolate. Today we got to try out the Chocolate flavour which came described as 'sponge bears with a hidden chocolate centre'.

The cakes each weighed in at 30.0g and came wrapped in handy individual foil packets. Inside these freshly sealed confines the cakes were protected by an inner cardboard sleeve which nicely kept them all in good condition and looking all nice and cute as the packaging suggested - good work there!! Aroma wise they smelt pretty good - syrupy vanilla cake scents emanated from the pack and subsequently didn't fail to provide a degree of allure. Biting the cake it yielded with a pleasant fresh softness and quickly offered the expected sweet, sugary vanilla sponge flavours. Unfortunately the texture of the cake was a little dry, this could have been solved by a plentiful portion of chocolate filling, however this wasn't quite reality as the innards was inexcusably lacking. This ultimately meant the chocolate offering here was were very limited and the cakes frankly never progressed beyond what was just a very basic sweet sponge taste.

Overall one could argue that Barny cakes are not only missing a letter in their name but also missing something in their actual makeup. The lacklustre chocolate filling is an unfortunate disappointment and subsequently make Barny bear cakes nothing more special than anything else being offered by the likes of dear old Mr Kipling or the Fabulous Baking Boys. One of the ChocolateMission team raised a good point that they wouldn't be surprised to find out if these are made outside of the UK in another more central European country. They indeed remind us of cakes you would be likely to find in the likes of Spain, Germany etc - not a bad thing merely just an observation! Barny can be summed up with a ruling that they are cute looking, but average cakes at best.

6.8 out of 10