June 27th: Dorset Cereals Selection

A little while ago we were approached by the lovely people at Dorset Cereals who offered us the chance of trying out some of their latest products. Never ones to turn such an opportunity down (based on compliance with our 'say what we want' review policy!!) we told them to send them right across - suffice to say breakfast for the team for the past few weeks has been courtesy of Dorset Cereals :-)

The Dorset Cereals team were kind enough to send over a whole host of different options currently in their granola, muesli and cereals range. As a team we dispersed them out among us and have to say that they all got a thumbs up pretty much across the board. The 'Gloriously Nutty Museli' got particular love from the old man of the team who said the quality of the brazil, almond and hazelnuts were fantastic and had equal praise for the dried fruit pieces in the mix.

The next thing we tried from the Dorset range was their all NEW 'Tasty toasted hazelnut and brazil muesli'. This was another mixture with fantastically fresh tasting nuts and highly delicious coconut and date pieces providing a delightful sweetness to each mouthful.

Lastly the team found more time to have praise for all of the granola cereals - 'Oat', 'Honey' and 'Chocolate'. You wont be surprised to read that the 'Chocolate' variety was the first to be finished by the team. The blend of crunchy oat clusters, chocolate and macadamia nuts made for a highly indulgent breakfast option which we frankly couldn't get enough of. For those of you searching for a 'grown up' chocolatey cereal to kick off your morning then the Dorset Cereals Chocolate & Macadamia Granola is certainly the way forward.

Overall we collectively came to the conclusion that Dorset Cereals provide a fine range of tasty breakfast options and that your only difficulty with them will be choosing which one to go for. Speaking as chocolate lovers the Chocolate & Macadamia Granola is a clear stand out however we would be equally satisfied if our breakfast was any of the other options we tried in the range. Dorset Cereals gets a glowing recommendation from the @ChocMission team!