June 2nd: Hotel Chocolat Boucanier Biscuits

Nutritional information - not currently available (and boy we don't want to know haha!!)

Hotel Chocolat Monday takes a small twist today with a non-traditional chocolate product taking centre stage - step up to the plate Hotel Chocolat Boucanier Biscuits. We don't know about you but if your office environment is anything like ours if any decent biscuits are to be found they last only a matter of hours. Well we should probably be changing that last sentence to read 'last only a matter of minutes' because that is exactly what happened when we opened up these Hotel Chocolat Boucanier Biscuits!

We got sent a few packs of these Boucanier Biscuits in our latest sampling package. Each box contained 8 biscuits - 185.0g according to the packaging. Described on pack as 'hazelnut and roasted cocoa nib shortbread biscuits dipped on dark chocolate' the team were immediately drooling. The anticipation of trying them only grew once the cellophane packages were opened and the most almightily waft of nutty chocolate scents were released. This combined with the impressive chunky crumbly biscuit aesthetic appeal meant it was lucky they made it through the photo shoot for the review today - the team just couldn't wait to try them.

Armed with coffee, teas and all other mid-afternoon tea-time beverages the @ChocMission taste panel needed no second invitation. We all had our own methods of eating these biscuits - dunking, nibbling, breaking apart and all-in-ones it didn't matter - we all came to the same conclusion that these were just simply delicious. The base shortbread was just incredible with it's amazing buttery chocolate flavours hinted with this subtle pinch of salt and earthy cocoa nibs every so often coming to the fore. If we hand any minor, minor criticism it was that the hazelnut pieces were perhaps a little under generous though where present they added great extra crunch and very tasty woody nut flavours. The outer dark chocolate the biscuits were enrobed in was a little messy on the fingers but this was so totally forgivable! The chocolate flavour hit this gave each biscuit was just brilliant and made them totally satisfying.

Overall I think you might have got the picture now that the @ChocMission team totally loved these Hotel Chocolat Boucanir Biscuits :) As we said above in our opening paragraph the boxes we were sent for review lasted only a matter of minutes once opened - of course this happens with a lot of products we get to review but the speed at which these 'disappeared' was notable even for our taste panel. Biscuits may not be the first thing that we all relate Hotel Chocolat to but if these Hotel Chocolat Boucanier Biscuits are anything to go by this might change in times to come. If you are chocolate biscuit fans we simply cant recommend these enough. Thumbs up all round!

8.8 out of 10