June 30th: Hotel Chocolat The Summer Fusions Collection

It's a new season, new summer and with it we of course get a whole new chocolate selection box from our friends over @HotelChocolat. The summer season selection box has constantly been one to score very highly here on @Chocmission down the years - if you take a look at our reviews from 2013 (HERE) and 2012 (HERE) you will see it has often been a collection to bring many new exciting flavours to the party.

Well 2014 is no different - this Hotel Chocolat The Summer Fusions Collection contains 28 chocolates at a total weight of 240.0g. The presentation of the selection box this year is fantastic. The sunset pastel colours give the box a vibrant cool look and the inner truffles vary widely in both design, shape and flavour variety. Here were our thoughts on the different varieties below:  

Blackcurrant Bombe, Burnt Caramel, Choc Fudge Sundae, Frappucino and Key Lime Pie. 

The stand out pieces from these five were definitely the NEW Frappucino and Key Lime chocolates. The coffee hit on offer from the Frapp piece far exceeded expectations whilst the zingy fruit, mascarpone flavours of the Key Lime were just fantastic. A special mention does also have to go to the Blackcurrant Bombe which turned out to be another favourite amongst the team with it's sharp blackcurrant flavour burst.

Kiwi Smoothie, Lavendar Caramel, Peach & Hazelnut Gratin and Peanut & Banana.

These next four were all new flavours for 2014! The Kiwi Smoothie got rave reviews for it's tangy yet creamy fruitiness and the Peach & Hazelnut Gratin similarly got positive remarks for it's blend of praline and real peach flavours. The Peanut & Banana also got the thumbs up for it's fruit and nut combination however the Lavendar Caramel wasn't to the taste of the younger taste test team member who said the floral hint to the caramel was unnecessary.

Pineapple & Coconut, Strawberry Cheesecake, Summer Cooler and Summer Pudding

The final four here also got all round acclaim. The Pineapple & Coconut was a dreamy combination of tart sweet fruit and creamy refreshing coconut - just marvellous! The returning Summer Cheesecake and Summer Pudding pieces were as well received as previous years (See HERE). We are going to leave you hanging on the cucumber, mint and line encompassing Summer Cooler chocolate was that is getting it's own little review in the coming weeks ;) 

Overall we were expecting a lot from this Hotel Chocolat The Summer Fusions Collection and we are glad to say it not only met our expectations, but also exceeded them. The amount of new flavours this year is pretty incredible and the quality of the flavour combinations certainly hasn't been compromised. Offering variety from the unique Pineapple & Coconut, and Summer Cooler pieces to the simpler Burnt Caramel and Choc Fudge Sundae there is really something in there for everyone. One thing we will say is that you will have to like fruit flavoured chocolates to enjoy this Summer Fusions Collection. If they are to your taste though we would strongly suggest getting involved right away. Let us know your thoughts @ChocMission.

9.2 out of 10