June 4th: M&M's Mega Milk Chocolate

Kcal 200 Fat 8.0g Fat(sats) 5.0g Carbs 27.0g (per 42.0g)

We do wonder sometimes ... just how much money do the innovation team at Mars get paid? Now imagine this situation - a meeting at Mars HQ with the innovation team (the people in charge of coming up with new products!!)

Team Member 1: "We need a new idea for some new M&M's - got any ideas!?"
....cue long silence ....
Team Member 2: "Eureka!! How about MEGA M&M's!??"
Team Member 1: "What's a MEGA M&M!?"
Team Member 2: "It's a normal M&M ... but it's 3 times bigger"
Team Member 1: "Wow I never would have thought of that"

Well that's the situation we imagine happened at Mars HQ when coming up with these M&M's Mega Milk Chocolate. These folks are as said above ... normal M&M's but three times the size. They come in a 42.0g pack and in all the normal yellow, red, green, blue and brown colours.

On the eye they looked very similar in size to the Galaxy Minstrels we get here in the UK and they had a similar shell thickness and ratio of sugar coated candy to chocolate. Taste wise they frankly produced nothing more or less that the standard milk chocolate M&M's experience. Sweet, sugary candy outer shells held grainy melting fair standard milk chocolate inside them.

Overall these didn't set our world alight in terms of excitement, neither did they do anything for us that means we have to tell our UK readers to go out their way to try them. Aside from looking and sounding a little cooler with their MEGA attributes they weren't anything special or different enough from normal sized M&M's that makes us want to tell you that you need to try them. Do us a favour MARS ... stop messing about and just bring back the M&M's Premiums (See HERE).

7.0 out of 10