June 6th: Blue Chocolates 37% Milk Chocolate with Cranberry

As much as we love trying out new products sent to us by the bigger brands in the confectionery market the team always get more excited about trying something entirely new. Such an opportunity came about this week after we were contacted by the people over at Blue Chocolates. Blue Chocolates are a new company based in London, UK. They position themselves as a brand offering 'Fairtrade, organic luxury chocolate bars, perfect gifts for any occasion' and we were delighted when they sent us a batch of some of the finest from their range.

The bar we are reviewing today is the Blue Chocolates 37% Milk Chocolate with Cranberry bar. To the delight of the @ChocMission team we were pleased to receive this 80.0g bar twice, in two different forms of packaging. The first was a simple cellophane packet - perfect we guess if you are just self indulging. The other gifting packaging option however was beautiful - it was cardboard sleeve decorated with some fine artistic and pattern design. It gave the product a real premium feel and we would encourage you spend that little bit extra if you end up buying any of the Blue Chocolates range for gifting - big thumbs up for the presentation here!

As much as loved admiring the packaging the team were even more desperate to try the chocolate. Even before we tasted it we were very impressed. It looked brilliant on the eye with a bright red dusting of dried cranberry powder giving a striking and authentic look. Taste wise it thankfully matched up to how it looked. The 37% milk chocolate had a very finely paced melt, and released a plethora of creamy, hard hitting cocoa flavours as it heated in the mouth. Underlying the creaminess a sharp, tangy yet sweet red berry undercurrent gave the chocolate a wonderful real tasting fruitiness that left a long lasting impression. This was one fine tasting chocolate, suffice to say the taste test team of three made their way easily through both bars in the same sitting.

Overall as we said above we love trying new brands but it's all the better when we feel we have unearthed a new gem like we have here with Blue Chocolates. We love what their brand and proposition stand for and if the rest of their range is to turn out as good as this Milk Chocolate with Cranberry flavour we can't wait to delve further into their portfolio. If red fruit chocolates are a favourite of yours then we totally suggest you give this bar a try. Rest assured this is only the beginning of our adventures with Blue Chocolates - we will happily take suggestions if you want us to try anything further from them @ChocMission.

8.6 out of 10