June 9th: Hotel Chocolat For My Dad Collection

ChocolateMission readers .... are you aware that next Sunday is Father's Day? Yep June 15th here in the UK we celebrate the day of the 'old man'!

A great day though it is, Father's Day can be a bit of an awkward one when it comes to buying a gift. The cards are generally cheesey, you bought him a mug last year and he now has enough socks to fill five draws! What on earth are you going to buy him!? Fear not kiddies, Hotel Chocolat is here to save the day.

This all new Hotel Chocolat For My Dad Collection has to be on the most impressive gift packages we've seen Hotel Chocolat put together.

The content of the For My Dad Collection is nigh on perfect for the occasion ... lets check it out ...

Salted Caramel Puddles - amazing salted caramel chocolate buttons - Review HERE

For My Dad Pocket Selection - includes pralines, classic milk truffles and rich burnt caramels.

Hazelnuts & Nibs - a savoury snack (perfect with the beer!!) - Review HERE

Cocoa Beer - is there anything Hotel Chocolat can't do!? A fine drop of chocolatey ale which is surprisingly good - Review HERE

If that wasn't all enough the collection also contains three mini slabs of their most delicious dark chocolates - Saint Lucia 78% Dark Bar 35g, Vietnam 80% Dark Bar 35g, Ecuador 100% Dark Bar 35g. 

Overall as we said above this Hotel Chocolat For My Dad Collection simply can't be matched for quality by any other collection of chocolate themed goodies. Everything from the truffles to the beer is simply great and will likely go down extremely well with any lucky recipient. If the £39.00 price bracket is out your range we would recommend picking a choosing a few elements of the box you think your 'old man' will most enjoy. If you head in the direction of the Cocoa Beer and the For My Dad Pocket Selection you wont be going far wrong.

9.2 out of 10