World Cup Fever 2014!!

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past few days you will be well aware that the Fifa Brazil Football World Cup 2014 is now underway!

To celebrate the occasion M&M's have brought out a product that rivals only the returning Kit Kat Chunky Orange for most boring Limited Edition of the year.

Ladies and gentlemen please see these all new Brazil World Cup themed M&M's Peanut pouches .... exciting huh!? Hmm perhaps not!

Well we aren't going to go over the top with this. It would have been far better to have seen something more innovative than jus bags of yellow, blue and green peanut M&M's but at the end of the day these aren't going to upset any of us World Cup snacking crowd.

Have you spotted any other World Cup themed treats? Let us know @ChocMission