July 14th: Hotel Chocolat Summer Selector Chocolates

We've been reviewing summer themed chocolates for a few months already and it was with great delight that we today got to try another two of Hotel Chocolat's newest truffle flavours. Both of these chocolates were included in the amazing Hotel Chocolat Summer Fusions collection that we reviewed on the site just a few weeks ago.

The team enjoyed them so much they requested we get some of separate Selector Packs - these are the 75.0g, six piece truffle trays you can buy in their stores (and online of course!). Here were our thoughts on these exciting flavours:

Hotel Chocolat Peanut & Bananas
Kcal 201 Fat 14.0g Fat(sats) 7.0g Carbs 16.0g (per 3 truffles)

'Salted peanut praline with a smooth banana ganache topped with a caramel cap' - boy did these go down well! No sooner had the packet been opened and the sweet, chocolatey fruity scents enjoyed the tray was empty of all six pieces. The team absolutely loved these. The combination of the sweet, viscous milk chocolate, salt noted peanuts and toffee banana made for a chocolate packing a real banoffee like taste experience. Highly regarded and very much recommended to chocolate banana fans.

8.5 out of 10

Hotel Chocolat Choc Fudge Sundae 
Kcal 216 Fat 16.0g Fat(sats) 8.0g Carbs 15.0g (per 3 truffles)

'Sticky toffee and fudge sauce, intense praline and a sprinkle of crunchy cereal'. This proposition again sounded fantastic and the reality of the chocolates didn't let us down. The layered effect of the praline, toffee sauce and crisp outer chocolate shell presented a real contrast of textures that was commented on by all. The fudge flavours weren't perhaps as pronounced as the nutty praline of creamy chocolate but nonetheless these still got full round acclaim.

8.2 out of 10

Have you been trying out any of Hotel Chocolat's summer chocolates? Let us know what you made of them @ChocMission.