July 21st: Hotel Chocolat Summer Cooler

Kcal 187 Fat 13.0g Fat(sats) 6.0g Carbs 19.0g (per 3 truffles)

Normally here @ChocMission when we review a product that multiple people in the team get to try we do generally come to some form of consensus. The product you see today however from Hotel Chocolat split the taste team of four totally down the middle - you could say they were the chocolate truffle equivalent of Marmite (Yum says Jim!). The truffles causing all the debate were these Hotel Chocolat Summer Cooler chocolates. Described as 'apple and cucumber ganache encased in a white chocolate shell with mint leaves' we should have foretold these had the potential for splitting opinions.

We were lucky enough to be sent a few packs of these in their Hotel Chocolat Selector Pack form. These were 75.0g trays containing 6 truffles - each sized similar to three £2 coins stacked on another. As we always say about these Selector Packs the presentation wasn't anything outstanding with the simple cellophane packet and sleeve combination. The truffles themselves however at least looked unique with the cream coloured speckled surfaces emanating scents of vanilla and mint.

We learnt after consuming our first pack that these were at the best once refrigerated and consumed alongside a cool drink *ahem Pimms!!!*. Enjoying them at a cooler temperature than normal meant they lasted a very long time in the mouth with their melting duration extended. This was advantageous because of the fact they had so many different flavours to offer. The white chocolate was rich with a lovely sweet, milky vanilla taste that was laden with epic amount of creamnyess. The soft inner ganache was where the part was at though with elements and hints of peppermint, fruity apple and cool cucumber all identifiable and forthcoming. As we said above some of the team this was all a little too much and ill fitting with the chocolate, however just as many of us enjoyed them and lauded them for their unique and diverse taste.

Overall there is only one way to score a product that splits the @ChocMission team and thats by awarding a score that sits us firmly on the fence :) As far as chocolates go as a summer themed chocolate these really work and provide the consumer with a chocolate truffle offering a refreshing and light flavour journey. It can't be lost however that this wasn't to the total liking of the team so recommending these as a 'must try' is something we simply can't do. If you fancy the proposition these are worth giving a try! It's not like you have much to lose with these smaller Selector Packs.

7.7 out of 10