July 25th: Galler Profond Dark Chocolate 85%

Kcal 559 Fat 50.1g Carbs 16.3g

Pop quiz time - answers on Postcards please!! Which chocolate won the prestigous award for 'Product of the Year 2011' here on ChocolateMission? ..... SPOILER ALERT - it was infact the Galler Heritage Lait Pleine Saveur, a truly outstanding milk chocolate bar that we can't recommend enough. Unfortunately since 2011 we have struggled to get hold of many Galler products due to Galler ending all of their UK operations in this country - booo! You might be surprised to learn however that Galler chocolates have started to be stocked by Sainsbury's supermarket - we felt we needed reaquainting with the brand this week :-)

After a few years of absence from ChocolateMission we were delighted to find this new 80.0g Galler Chocolatier Collection on sale. The range currently consists of three flavours, the first of which we tried today was this Galler Profond Dark Chocolate 85% offering. The chocolate came boxed in a beautifully elegant cardboard sleeve and foil wrap combination. The on-pack blurb was a little cringe-worthy 'Once upon a time there was a delicious tablet with a mind of its own, it broke only where it wanted. Chocolate with an attitude. Only for chocolate lovers.' ... but it didn't deter from the fact it looks a classy chocolate offering.

This thin tablet format wasn't one we had previously experienced with Galler before. Their bars have traditionally been far chunkier, heftier offerings so it was nice to see the new range incorporate a more manageable size and size. Breaking the pieces apart the dark coloured chocolate broke with a real snap which indicated this was a fresh chocolate. The scents and on-pack ingredients list suggested a very rich cocoa experience was at hand and you won't be surprised to hear that this 85% cocoa offering wasn't lacking in the flavour department. The thin nature of the blocks meant that the initiation of the melt was instantaneous and this immediatedly brought upon the first wave of earthy cocoa flavours. An underlying crisp milk base line avoided any sense of bitterness although there was a real noticeable surge of roasted coffee like flavours at the mid-development of the silky liquidation. As the melt proceeded into it's latter stages a minor touch of brown sugar rounded off the finish nicely, leaving a longing, satisfying note of cocoa in the mouth for a good duration after.

Overall this was a welcome reminder of the classy chocolate that Galler can produce. First impressions created by the aesthetic qualities of the product were that this was going to be a higher-end chocolate experience and the subsequent chocolate certainly didn't let it down. We hope people aren't going to be put off by the 85% billing as the chocolate was never one that had any sense of bitterness or over richness about it. It isn't a sweet chocolate at all and likely wont convert any milk chocolate fans to the 'darkside'. For dark chocolate fans however it is by all means a big winner and well worth checking out if you get the opportunity. Welcome back Galler - never leave us again :-)

8.7 out of 10