July 28th: Beech's Fine Chocolates Luxury Stem Ginger

Kcal 451 Fat 20.1g Fat(sats) 12.0g Carbs 61.7g (per 100.0g)

It's been a while since we last got our lips around a dark chocolate with ginger combination so it was with great delight we received some boxes of Beech's Fine Chocolates Luxury Stem Ginger from our pals over @BeechsChocolate earlier this week. If you have seen previous reviews we've done on other brand's ginger and dark chocolate offerings you will be well aware that we are big fans of the combination - especially when it is done well - See HERE. The promise of 'rich dark chocolates with stem ginger centres' has us literally chomping at the bit at anticipation of trying these - do you think they lived up to expectations?

Given the team love for dark chocolate and ginger it was lucky for us we were sent a few of these 100.0g boxes; thankfully any potential arguments on who got to review these were avoided. The nicely decorated boxes were beautifully designed with red backgrounds and golden font pattern work making for a cool, sophisticated look and feel. The inner truffles were contained within a dark plastic tray and smelt absolutely stunning. Spicy scents of ginger and strong cocoa were evident from the outset and created a real impression before they were even out removed from their container.

As you can see from our lovely cross-section above the dark chocolate coatings were thick and generously portioned. This meant the melt of the chocolate was lengthy and allowed full development of the unsweetened cocoa flavours before the overriding taste of ginger came into full effect upon revelation of the centres. To all of our delight the softer yielding inner ginger fillings were balanced wonderfully with everyone agreeing they were neither too powerful or too tepid. The ginger flavours were spicy, yet sweet and came across extremely real tasting and non-artificial. Each and everyone in the 4 person strong taste team gave these the thumbs up. Three truffles at a time was a more than satisfying amount for anyone so these lasted longer than a standard box of truffles did in our office.

Overall the @ChocMission team found yet another dark chocolate and ginger combination that they all enjoyed. Combining their very tasty 55% cocoa dark chocolate with some high quality stem ginger was never going to result in any bad press from us. These truffles proved to be both tasty and satisfying and will likely remain at the forefront of the team's mind if they ever feel like indulging in this combination again in the near future. Out of respect for us reviewing their products, Beech's are offering all @ChocMission readers 10% off their online store. Just use the code BFC24061410 to redeem your discount at the checkout page. Be sure to leave us any feedback on Twitter should you have any - @ChocMission.

8.6 out of 10