July 2nd: Blue Chocolates Dark Chocolate with Almonds & Sea Salt / Raspberry & Cocoa Nibs

After bringing you guys our first reviews of Blue Chocolates milk chocolate range two weeks ago we further requested a few more samples from their dark chocolate collection. For those that need to catch up with our Blue Chocolates reviews please see the Blue Chocolates Milk Chocolate with Cranberry! This really let us know that this was new brand that made some seriously good chocolates.

We don't normally care much for companies claiming they are all ethical but we have to admit we were all suitably impressed by the fact that such a small start-up company could claim that all of their chocolates were a) handmade b) organic and c) fair-trade. As we said it's not something we put too much stock in with the bigger companies (they should be doing all that anyway!), but to hear that Blue Chocolates are running their business that way makes us feel all the better about them. 

Anyway on to the important stuff ...   :)

The first bar we sampled from them this week was this Blue Chocolates 72% Dominican Dark Chocolate with Raspberry & Cocoa Nibs. Aesthetically it reminded us an awful lot of the Cranberry bar we had reviewed previously with the red coloured raspberry fruit powder impressively visibly striking. As much as it impressed us in it's looks, it outdid itself in taste with the 72% dark chocolate both flavoursome and rich with some earthy, un-sweetened cocoa flavours forthcoming from the start of the melt. During the mid part of the slow melt the raspberry element really came to the fore of the taste - the red berry flavours were sweet, juicy and impressively real tasting. This bar would be ideal for anyone looking for a slightly less sharp version of the Cranberry bar

8.5 out of 10

Next for us this week was the Blue Chocolates 77% Peru Dark Chocolate with Almonds & Sea Salt. Boy did the team love this bar! unlike our complaints about the Milk Chocolate Hazelnuts chocolate a few weeks ago, the Almonds here were implemented whole and this really aided the mouth feel of the thick melting chocolate. The dark chocolate here was similar to the above with some powerful, fresh cocoa flavours immediately coming to the fore. Adding seamlessly to the glorious dark chocolate flavours the buttery almonds and the salt lick after taste made for an amazing chocolate that got the thumbs up all round the @ChocMission team. 

8.7 out of 10

Overall we probably should have foreseen this given the past positive experiences but these were both wonderful from Blue Chocolates. Yet again we were hard pushed picking a favourite from the two but the team ultimately picked the Dark Chocolate with Almonds & Sea Salt as the one they would love to try again. We would love to hear from you if you have tried any of the Blue Chocolates range yourselves drop us and them a line on Twitter @ChocMission and @BlueChocolates.