July 30th: Lotte Pepero White Chocolate Cookie Sticks

Kcal 510 Fat 25.0g Fat(sats) 15.0g Carbs 66.0g (per 100.0g)

With the Japanese hot weather being in full swing its been long while since we last reviewed any chocolate or snacks from the Far East. During the summer months our pals over @Jlist cease stock of all chocolate products as it gets so hot over there it would be impossible to send items out unspoilt through the post. Luckily our local Tesco came to the rescue staving off our Japanese snack cravings by getting all new stock in their international food department. One of the new items on offer are these White Chocolate Cookie Sticks. Sitting under the Lotte Pepero brand name they came described as 'a harmony of white chocolate and crunchy cookies'.

We bought these in a 32.0g box that contained a single foil wrapped packet of sticks. In totality these equated to 165 calories and only 8.0g of fat - a dip in the ocean compared to most other chocolate bar alternatives. Packaging and presentation wise the product looked attractive enough with the cookies and cream like flavour theme clearly communicated on the face of the box with the cookie and white chocolate imagery and branding. The sticks themselves both looked and smelt lovely with the white chocolate and biscuits scents aplenty.

The taste team love their Glico Pocky so they needed no second invitation getting stuck in to these. As the packets were only really sufficient for one person the guys bought their own (£1.00 each!!) and ate them alongside a timely mid-afternoon coffee. Taste wise the stick got thumbs up all round. The white chocolate coating wasn't overly sweet and left a lingering, vanilla note in the mouth for a good duration after. The cookie pieces added extra crunch to the plain biscuit sticks and also brought a touch of chocolatey cocoa to the taste! These were especially when dipped in the warm coffee so the outer chocolate melted a little bit.

Overall these Lotte Pepero White Chocolate Cookie Sticks were well liked by the entire @Chocmission team. The greatest compliment we can give them is that they could hold their own if compared to any Glico Pocky flavour, some other branded alternatives have failed to reach their level but Lotte Pepero have pulled off that credible feat here. If you are a fan of cookies and cream chocolates then you should really see if you can buy a few packs of these in your local Tesco if you get the chance. Notice how we say 'packs' and not 'pack' there :) .... the only problem you might have with these is that they are mega addictive and not all that fulfilling! Let us know if you enjoy them @Chocmission.

8.1 out of 10