July 4th: Milka M-Joy Almendras Enteras

Kcal 550 Fat 34.0g Fat(sats) 14.5g Carbs 49.0g (per 100.0g)

Here @ChocMission we pride ourselves on providing you guys with a truly worldwide perspective of everything that is available in the chocolate market. This means that even when one of the ChocolateMission team is on holiday they are by no means excused from their duties :-) it goes without saying that the chocolate shelves are raided for local products we can't source here in the UK and thats exactly the circumstance that brings us to this product today. 

On a recent trip to Spain one of the ChocolateMission crew found a line of Milka bars that we don't currently have here in GB. The Milka M-Joy range is one that is sold in many countries in central Europe (Spain obviously being one of them!). By the looks of things the bars currently in the M-Joy line-up are sized as 55.0g offerings making them smaller than the traditional 100.0g blocks and a little bigger than the smaller 35.0g bar offerings we get here in the UK. 

From the research we have done since picking up this Almendras Enteras variant it seems the M-Joy flavours are generally aligned to the standard 100.0g though this one appears to be the exception (hence why we chose to review this one - clever huh!?). For the non Spanish speaking folk Almendras Enteras roughly translates as 'whole almonds'. Despite the change in shape the chocolate experience was no different to usual Milka bars - the chocolate was sweet, creamy and with a tiny hint of hazelnut in the latter stages of the melt. The chunkier style blocks meant that the larger sized nuts were easily accommodated though it was fast apparent the nut content was on the sparse side. By all accounts where encountered the whole nut almonds were well received for their chunky crunchyness and buttery nut savoury flavours. They were however just too far and wide between and struggled to create much of an impact on the chocolate. 

Overall the Milka M-Joy range appears to have some bright ideas but it's one that seems to have required a little more thought behind it. The fact that the bar is presented as a chunkier blocked version of the usual thin bars would naturally make you think the inner fillings would need greater portioning to cut through the heavier chocolate experience. Unfortunately this thought process hadn't been accounted for this Milka M-Joy Almendras Enteras which ultimately left it underwhelming as an almond nut milk chocolate bar. This bar was by no means a travesty but its not one we would advise is sought out if not readily available. 

7.1 out of 10