July 7th: Hotel Chocolat Mojito Truffles

As much as we love seeing new ideas and products here @ChocMission we also love it equally as much when brands recognise they are on to something good already! Ritter Sport show us they do this all the time with their seasonal limited editions; they always bring at least one new flavour out, but at the same time they also keep the two most popular flavours from the year before! Well Hotel Chocolat appear to also go by this ethos, as this year their summer range sees the return of the highly popular Mojito truffles.

We first reviewed these back in 2012 when they first came about in Hotel Chocolat's Chocs to Chill range - See HERE. Back these 'Caribbean white rum, refreshing mint and zingy lime white chocolate truffles' got rave reviews from the team ....

'...the Mojito centres were nothing short of superb and exactly as described with the lime and mint coming through strongly before a big kick of rum left a long lasting impression'.

Well we are glad to say they are back this year in Hotel Chocolat's 2014 line up and they even have some groovy looking new packaging. The Hotel Chocolat Mojito truffles can be bought in a pack of 8 (85.0g).

If you are a fan of fine chocolates and the odd cocktail we strongly suggest you get involved with these. Be warned, the rum kick they have this year is still as powerful as it was two years ago so approach only if you think you can take the strong boozie hit!

Let us know what you make of these @ChocMission we always love to hear your thoughts.

8.6 out of 10