Reese's Nut Bar 2014 - - - [2008 - Reese's Nutrageous UK/Canada]


You guys know we like to keep our eyes on the ball and we've done ourselves proud here noticing some subtle changes made to one of the few Reese's products we get here in the UK.

As you can see from our new photos the bar formerly known as the Reese's Nutrageous (full review below!) is now called the Reese's Nut Bar.

Offering the same delicious mixture of sweet and salty flavours the bar retained it's original form with crunchy peanuts, peanut butter, creamy caramel and a chocolate flavoured coating all in the offing.

One thing we do have to make you all aware of is that unfortunately like many other confectionery products that get these 'updates' the Nut Bar has fallen foul of shrinkage and is now only 47.0g. Don't get us wrong this is still a very tasty and satisfying snack, but when you consider it was once a 61.0g beast it is a little disappointing to see.

Have you seen the new Reese's Nut Bar yet? Let us know how you think it stacks up vs the Reese's Nutrageous on Twitter @Chocmission

(nutritional info - Kcal 530 Fat 30.03g Fat(sats) 9.9g Carbs 50.8g per 100.0g)

ORIGINAL REVIEW - May 10th 2008

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

A few months ago, last March I reviewed the Nutrageous bar that I imported from America and really quite enjoyed it. It scored a very respectable 8.3 out of 10 on the Chocolate Mission scale. Today I saw the UK version in my local I thought I would conduct some essential research into whether there are any differences between the two bars.

The first notable difference is the size - the UK version is 9g bigger at a whopping 60g. Hunger fufilment wise the US version was more than adequete already; but this UK version really did a job...I felt stuffed after eating it. Proposition wise the bar was exactly the same...'crunchy peanuts, a peanut butter centre, caramel and a chocolate coating'.

The UK wrapper was almost identical, though revealed that the bar was actually manufactured in Canada. The UK version sadly lacked nutritional information - something I find terribly annoying. Asthetically the bar looked no you will see above it is a long knobbly finger - not the prettiest thing ever but when split the cross section does look quite appertising.

Tastewise the bar still retained the qualities of its US equivalent - and in some ways surpassed it. Frequent readers of this site will know that im not the biggest fan of the chocolate that Reese's use...i generally find it a little flavourless and to have a bit of a waxy texture. Though the chocolate was still slightly disappointing it did seem to have a little more flavour to it than the US bar. The chocolate tasted a little fresher if anything and had a less waxy texture to it which melted in the mouth a little easier.

The crunchy peanuts in the bar also seemed to have a bit more of a freshness to them. Their texture was far crisper and flavourwise they seemed to have a more fuller flavour. The peanut butter and caramel ingredients retained their amazing flavours and again made for a delightful chewy yet smooth centre filling - absoluely delicious.

Overall I was suprised to find that the version of the bar that is more widely avalible in the UK is actually the better of the two. The US version as far as Im aware is manufactured in Mexico, whislt our version in Canada...I dont know if the ingredients they use are actually different but the UK version definately had a far fresher taste. The chocolate aspect is still slightly disappointing and slightly holds back the score challenging the very top bars. Despite this though the other elements of the bar make for an amazing mix of textures of and flavours that make you savour every single bite of this huge bar. One of the best bars tried on Chocolate Mission - if you like peanuts or caramel try this now!

8.9 out of 10