August 11th: Hotel Chocolat Cookie Nut Craze

Team @ChocMission would you like the chance to try some of our newest slabs? What sort of question was that Hotel Chocolat!??? Of course we would love to try them out! You don't need to give us any second invitations! After reviewing their chocolates for over 6 years you would have thought Hotel Chocolat would have clocked that we quite like reviewing their chocolates :) especially their iconic slabs! Luckily for us this week we got hold of some of their latest creations! Take a look below to see what we made of their Hotel Chocolat Cookie Nut Craze.

As you will all likely be aware Hotel Chocolat make their slabs in many shapes and sizes! To our great delight we got sent a few of their 500.0g beasts - don't worry there were still many of the traditional 'you've had loads....I've hardly had any' arguments amongst the team, it wouldn't be a Hotel Chocolat sample box without them :) The slab we decided to review for today was this Hotel Chocolat Cookie Nut Craze. It came described as 'a solid milk chocolate slab decorated with white chocolate praline, cocoa biscuits and hazelnuts' and was presently beautifully with a wonderful looking swirled marble chocolate pattern.

The design and proposition was fantastic though the team was a little disappointed to see that many of the biscuit and hazelnuts had congregated around the outer edges of the slab. The visual disappoint soon disappeared the moment we broke off large chunks to nibble away at. The chocolate was as expected - epically creamy with the freshest milk and sweet cocoa flavours that built as the thick melted progressed. The white chocolate praline added the most delicious nutty hazelnut taste that was compounded by the whole hazelnut pieces. The biscuit pieces weren't incredibly flavoursome but they were a nice enhancement to the textural mouth feel sensation adding an extra crunchiness to the party.

Overall this slab was utterly delicious and was enjoyed by every single one of the @ChocMission team that tried it. As you could have guessed by it's name, it's a slab best suited to those who like their chocolate nut products! If you are a fan of Nutella, Ferrero Rocher etc this slab is probably the one that is going to send you over the edge! When it comes to chocolate hazelnut products you are probably going to struggle to find many better! Hotel Chocolat Cookie Nut Craze highly recommended.

8.8. out of 10