August 13th: Milka Amavel Duo Vanille Auf Pistazie

Kcal 515 Fat 30.0g Fat(sats) 15.5g Carbs 56.5g

Before I launch head on in to todays review I must briefly pass mention to my pal Kristian from who sent me this bar from Germany for me to review today. Although I haven't been able to keep entirely up to date with all the latest Milka products over the past year (I mean who can there are so many!!), a few have really caught my eye when I have been browsing them on the Internet. One of the Milka bars that did manage to catch my attention was this Vanille Auf Pustazie (trying saying that without taking a breathe!), which is a bar that falls within Milka's Amavel Duo range. Last year you may recall me reviewing several of Milka's Amavel range (See HERE), but before today I hadn't touched upon any of their Amavel Duo bars. In terms of proposition this bar seemed to differ slightly from the original Amavels, and came billed as 'milk chocolate with pistachio cream and vanilla cream centres' - it sounded promising!

This bar came in a rather odd sized 130.0g form that was split into eight massive pieces. When it came to eating the chocolate, the size of the blocks wasn't much of any issue, though I have to say my preference would have been for the standard smaller sized pieces you get with standard 100.0g Milka bars. In terms of packaging the outer cardboard box was nicely decorated and looked a little smarter than your average Milka offering - I think they must be trying to appeal to an older demographic with this range. As you will see from the photographs above the chocolate looked wonderfully intriguing when cross-sectioned, with both the green pistachio and vanilla cream layers highly visible sandwiched in between the chocolates.

I have recently discovered a real fondness for pistachio nuts so I was really excited about trying this one. Having admired the chocolate for it's alluring aesthetic beauty, I have to admit I was less impressed by the smells that emanated from the gold foil wrapping. The usual Milka chocolate smells were on full offer but there was no indication of either the nut or vanilla influences. When it came to the taste the outer milk chocolate delivered in line with expectations with all the usual sweet dairy based flavours on full display. As always a minor hint of hazelnut was evident in the latter stages of the melting chocolate, though it was soon washed over by the delicious tasting earthy pistachio flavours that brought a very fine tasting salt element to each mouthful. Texture wise the pistachio filling was noticeably drier in comparison to the melting chocolate, but it was nicely moistened by the almost liquid like vanilla filling that sat right in the heart of each block. The vanilla centre not only invigorated the pistachio constituents in terms of mouthfeel, but it also progressed the taste with a delicious creamy bourbon flavour burst. What with all the different constituents this chocolate varied from with every mouthful - it certainly made for a compelling experience.

Overall I had high expectations for this chocolate before I tasted it, and I'm glad to report that it mostly met them. In terms of the packaging and presentation this Vanille Auf Pistazie chocolate looked glorious and I think Milka have managed to nicely position this Amavel Duo range as a cut above their standard chocolates. Putting the slightly lacklustre aromas to one side, most importantly the taste encapsulated everything I was hoping it would. Milka milk chocolate isn't amongst my all time favourites, but it still did a fine job of carrying the inner pistachio and vanilla cream fillings, which were quite simply delicious. Unlike in some other pistachio flavoured chocolates I have tried, the earthy salt flavours of the nuts came through exquisitely and were nicely compounded by the just as tasty vanilla cream filling. On their own they may have struggled to make an impression on the chocolate, but combined they made for a taste that was variable, progressive and ultimately delicious. I doubt this is one of the Milka bars on top of peoples lists, but if you like pistachio nuts I would highly recommend it.

8.1 out of 10