August 15th: Nestle Coco Shreddies

Kcal 375 Fat 2.0g Fat(sats) 0.7g Carbs 76.3g (per 100.0g)

Here @ChocMission we are getting an ever increasing amount of requests from our readers asking us to review popular chocolate cereals. Years past we haven't been able to review that many but now the taste test team is bigger it makes sense that we start to embrace chocolatey treats outside the our usual spectrum. With that all said we thought we would start off with one of the cereals that we've had the most request for - Nestle's Coco Shreddies.

Coco Shreddies can be bought in most decent UK supermarkets and are available in either 500.0g or 750.0g packs. Our taste test reviewer said they picked up a 500.0g from Tesco for just £1.14, on a half price special deal. The packaging and look of the cereal was totally in line with expectations and was much aligned to the rest of the Shreddies range. The reviewer commented that the cereal smelt nice and chocolatey and remained so even after a week or so after first opening.

As with all cereals we review we tested these Coco Shreddies under several different circumstances. Down the side of the box the slogan 'take me to the milk' gave a much unnecessary second invitation for their traditional consumption. The reviewer said this was in actual fact their favoured pairing - eating them with yogurt or just dry they weren't as high on them. In regards to the actual cereal it was remarked that the chocolate flavours weren't the strongest and that the usual malty cereal seemed to only have a slightly sweeter flavour edge to them. The most favourable comments they got were in regards to the chocolate milk they produced - with ice cold milk this was said to be a delightful finish.

Overall it's been concluded that Coco Shreddies are a pretty average offering when it comes to chocolate cereals. Whilst they were said to be a most satisfying, filling chocolate cereal option, the actual chocolate flavouring wasn't said to be that great and it was only when paired with milk that it really came to fore. Considering they were a pretty cheap option on the deal they were bought on it's hard to overly criticise them or even compare them to other far dearer options like some of the chocolate granolas we've previously reviewed. If you like your chocolate cereals and haven't tried them yet you might might to give them a go - let us know your thoughts @ChocMission.

7.0 out of 10