August 18th: Hotel Chocolat Billionaire's Shortbread

'We think our iconic handmade Giant Slabs are works of art, and we hope you agree. Once your've finished admiring this magnificent still life in chocolate, just remove from the bag and snap your slab into pieces. Perfect for sharing' .....

Now there's only one thing we disagree with Hotel Chocolat on there and its the 'perfect for sharing' bit :) Trust us, with the chocolate as tasty as whats on offer from this Hotel Chocolat Billionaire's Shortbread Giant Slab there isn't one part of you that is going to want to be sharing it!

Ok, ok with 500.0g worth of chocolate at your disposal it might be a little greedy to have the whole thing yourself. Faced with the prospect of a 'solid caramel and milk chocolate slab decorated with shortbread biscuits and drizzled with dark chocolate' however we wouldn't be blaming you if this was one you kept all to yourself.

As you can see from our pictures this Hotel Chocolat Billionaire's Shortbread slab was both a treat on the eyes and on the tastebuds. Visually it looked great with the three tones of chocolate clearly segregating the milk, caramel and dark contents. Taste wise each three brought something different to the party. All three had thick, viscous luxury melts though the milk chocolate was extra sweet and creamy and the caramel added this delightful note of burnt sugar toffee. On one side of the slab little pieces of shortbread not only looked attractive but also gave a cool buttery biscuit development to the taste and were an added crunchy textural enhancer.

Overall you could probably have guessed that this 500.0g Hotel Chocolat Billionaire's Shortbread was a big hit with the @ChocMission team and went down really well. Given the team's love for millionaire shortcake it was little surprise that this chocolate was as popular as it was. It combined luxury 50% milk and caramel chocolate and created extra added interest with the biscuit and dark chocolate elements. If you are yet to get involved with Hotel Chocolat's Giant Slabs you need to get busy with one of these right away!

9.0 out of 10